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Sunday, December 22, 2019

A Simple Guide on How to be a JoyRide PH Rider

Ride-hailing apps have definitely become a thing among passengers and regular commuters nowadays. Apart from the locally-defunct Uber and Grab, which offer car rides for their services, there’s also Angkas, a motorcycle ride-hailing service. While Angkas has been the most popular and most-used player in the motorcycle ride-hailing industry, it is set to be challenged by two new names, one of which is called as JoyRide PH.

A Simple Guide on How to be a JoyRide PH Rider
A Simple Guide on How to be a JoyRide PH Rider

What and who is JoyRide PH?

Set to be operational on December 23 as part of the government’s motorcycle taxis extended pilot implementation until March 23, 2020. JoyRide PH currently has official Facebook pages, which are the JoyRide PH Kasundo Bikers (@JRPHKasundoBikers) and its customer service-centric page JoyRide PH (@JoyRidePHILIPPINES). JoyRide PH is a motorcycle taxi service being offered by We Move Things Philippines Inc., the same company behind the delivery service Happy Move.

In an interview with a major publication, Noli Eala, JoyRide PH Vice President for Corporate Affairs said that they currently have ready helmets, uniforms, and vests for the 7,000 riders, which they call ‘Kasundo,’ initially registered.

As of writing, the JoyRide apps for riders and passengers are now available for download on the Google Play Store. Similar to most ride-hailing apps, JoyRide’s app for passengers named as JoyRide: Motorcycle Taxi, has a simple and user-friendly interface which entails passenger to indicate their pick-up and drop-off points. The app also has a space for “notes” in which passengers can tell the riders things like what color of shirt they are wearing, or the nearest landmark of their pick-up location. It also has a dedicated space for fare, estimated time of arrival, and the estimated distance of travel.

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Once a passenger has booked a Kasundo, the app will show the name and photo of the rider and the type and plate number of the motorcycle, as well as its proximity to the pick-up location.

Signing up for the app is also pretty easy. First, passengers will be tasked to enter their mobile phone number for verification, and then a code will be sent. After this, passengers can now set up their profile to include their name, email address, and photo. Once done with these steps, the passenger can now proceed to book a ride using the app.

For the riders, their JoyRide app is named as JoyRide Biker, also on the Google Play Store. Through this, they can view and manage their trips easily.

How to Register or Become JoyRide PH Rider?

For convenience, registration as a rider of JoyRide PH is done through an online application through this link: https://joyride-prod.firebaseapp.com/#/onboarding.

According to JoyRide PH, they accept full-time and part-time riders age 20-55 years old. For those who wish to be a rider and are 50 to 55 years old, JoyRide PH will require you to upload and present a ‘fit to work’ medical certificate.

On the online form, applicants will be asked to enter the following details:
- Name
- Address
- Date of Birth
- Birthplace
- Gender
- Email Address
- Mobile Number
- Phone Brand
- IMEI Number of the Phone
- Civil Status
- Mother’s Maiden Name
- Emergency Contact Name

Under the Biker Certification portion, applicants will be asked to upload the following:
- NBI Clearance
- Police or Brgy Clearance
- Driver’s License
- Official Receipt of Motorcycle

For the Motorcycle and License Details, here are the information needed:
- Motorcycle Brand
- Motorcycle Model
- Model Year
- Piston Displacement
- Plate Number
- Engine Number
- Chassis Number
- OR Expiry Date
- Motorcycle Type
- Driver’s License Type
- Driver’s License Number
- Driver’s License Expiry Date

The last part of the form is an applicant questionnaire and reminders on what to bring on the training and onboarding day. Once the form has been fully finished and has been submitted online, applicants will just have to wait for a text message advising the date of their training and onboarding schedule.

JoyRide PH conducts its skills training, and sometimes accepts walk-in applicants in their JoyRide PH Onboarding Facility located at 80 Marcos Highway, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City.

Please do note that the motorcycles that are accepted are those with at least 100cc up to 200cc displacements and must be in excellent working conditions. The driver's license must also be professional, and JoyRide PH Rider applicants must also have GCash accounts.

According to the company, once fully operational, their riders can have as much as Php1,500 income per day. Riders are also secured with a biker's insurance. For more info, you can contact JoyRide PH helpdesk at 09177151887, 09177150791, and 09177153815 or call their office at (02) 82961188 and (02) 82960729.

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