PLDT Home Fibr Free Speed Boost Extended Until June 30

Clarke Velasco
Leading telecommunications and digital services provider PLDT announces that its biggest free speed upgrades for Home Fibr subscribers for up to double the speeds of their current plans is extended until June 30, 2020.

PLDT Home Fibr Free Speed Boost Extended Until June 30
PLDT Home Fibr Free Speed Boost Extended Until June 30

Subscribers are assured of blazing speeds to enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted video streaming, lag-free gaming, and seamless browsing at home. Plan 6299 subscribers will enjoy 300 Mbps (from 250 Mbps), while Plan 4299 subscribers will experience up to 150 Mbps (from 120 Mbps).

On the other hand, Plan 2899 subscribers will double their speeds to enjoy up to 100 Mbps (from 50Mbps), while subscribers of Plan 1899, and Plan 1699 will now have up to 50 Mbps, while Plan 1299 will now have 25 Mbps.

This latest round of speed boosts is meant to empower the increasingly digital lifestyle of Filipino families, according to Butch Jimenez, head of consumer business at PLDT Home Group.

“The demand for high-speed internet is rapidly rising as our customers’ digital needs evolve. These free speed upgrades will definitely enrich the life of subscribers by expanding their access to world-class digital content powered by no less than the country’s undisputed fastest fixed network,” he said.

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PLDT Home remains the Philippines’ fastest fixed internet service in 2019, according to global internet testing and analysis leader Ookla. PLDT Home Fibr remains the most powerful broadband suited for households as the company’s superior network, Fiber-to-the-Home technology, has reached 6.7 million homes passed as of end-March 2019. In a report based on a customer-initiated Speedtest among 25.2 million users in the Philippines, Ookla said PLDT posted a Speed Score of 20.44, with top download speeds of 51.36 Mbps and top upload speeds of 54.22 Mbps.

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