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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Smart GIGA Stories 50 Now With 7GB Data; Still For Only Php50

Aside from giving up to 60GB of free data to postpaid customers, and up to 10% eLoad discount for prepaid subscribers, Smart Communication is also giving away additional data for those who will register to GIGA Stories and GIGA Stories Plus. With this new promo, the Smart GIGA Stories 50 now comes with a total of 7GB of data!

Smart GIGA Stories 50 Now With 7GB Data; Still For Only Php50
Smart GIGA Stories 50 Now With 7GB Data; Still For Only Php50

To avail this new offer dubbed sa Free Stories For All, Smart Prepaid, as well as TNT subscribers, must download the Smart App on Google Play. After successfully downloading and registering your number, look for the Free Stories icon on the lower-left corner of the app to register to GIGA Stories or GIGA Stories Plus of your choice to get 1GB free data daily.

Smart App Free Stories for All
Smart App Free Stories for All

The Smart GIGA STORIES is available in 50, 99, 299, 399, and 499, while GIGA STORIES PLUS is available in 75, 149, 449, 549, and 649. Choose 50 for Smart GIGA STORIES 50, and you will have a total of 7GB of data valid for 3 days. That's 1GB of open access data + 3GB (1GB per day for 3 days) for GIGA STORIES + free 3GB (1GB/days for 3 days) for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Again, the Free Stories For All data is 1GB per day and has the same validity as the promo that you are registered to. So, if the validity of the promo is 3 days, you will have additional 3GB of free data in total, 7GB for 7 days validity, and 30GB for 30 days validity.

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This is quite great for people who love Facebook and Instagram as well as TikTok, especially for those who really enjoy watching video clips in the said platforms. But yes, we do know that it is not for everyone, and there are still many who prefer additional open access data. However, this is still better than nothing, and consumers who are really using Smart GIGA Stories will be delighted with this offer.

Please take note that if you register via *123# or any other method, you will NOT have the additional 1GB Stories per day.

Have you availed this promo? Or yours is different than ours? In any case, please kindly share your thoughts or experience about this offering from Smart Prepaid in the comment section below. You can also check the Complete List of Smart Prepaid Promos for Texts, Calls, and Data (Internet).

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