Tips on How to Maximize Productivity Using Smartphones

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While a home-based work setup is convenient and beneficial to some, there are also those who are still adjusting their routines to be able to perform efficiently inside the walls of their houses, especially those who are used to doing their tasks in the office. Worry not because here are easy tips on how to maximize productivity anywhere you go through the help of your smartphone.

Tips on How to Maximize Productivity Using Smartphones
Tips on How to Maximize Productivity Using Smartphones

Carefully plan and commit to your schedule.
At home or in the office, a secret to a productive day is discipline. Even if you’re working from home, see to it that you wake up on a specific time every day to maintain the correct body clock according to your work schedule. It's advisable to work on tasks in the morning to avoid distractions, which you may encounter when all the family members are awake already. This will also help prevent procrastination and staying late at night because of unfinished tasks. Set the alarm through your smartphone and start and end the day right. There are useful apps like Bixby, which works as a smart visual assistant, which helps users simplify tasks like setting alarms, and managing schedules.

Stay updated and connected.
In times of unrest, smartphones are the most accessible tool not just to obtain the latest news and information but to also send messages to your family, relatives, and friends. Load your smartphone with useful apps of credible media outlets and tools for communication.

Join online classes.
Make meaningful time out of the hours you spend online and distract yourself from the alarming news related to the pandemic by participating in online classes to stimulate creativity and hone your skills. Utilize the devices available in your home, especially your smartphone, and pair it with a capable pair of earbuds for a seamless class meeting or class lessons taught through video conferencing.

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Rekindle or nurture a new hobby.
Since most of us are stuck inside our homes and there are days spent free from work, use the time to explore old and new hobbies like photography, videography, calligraphy, drawing, and the likes. These can be done with smartphones that have advanced camera features, and mobile phones with stylus pen for illustration.

Don’t forget to take care of your body.
While we’re all in the period of enhanced community quarantine, stay in shape by exercising at home. Take advantage of free online classes that teach yoga and other physical activities. There are smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series which have pre-installed health and fitness apps that will help users track users’ recent workouts, food, and water intake, as well as their weight and sleep hours.

Take a break.
Authorities have also advised the public to keep mental health in check given that social media and the web are full of alarming news that could trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Be sure to take some time off your usual social media scrolling routine, and wander through different stories told on various films, documentaries, and TV series. For an immersive viewing experience, use gadgets that carry screens and displays that deliver rich colors, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series with the Hyperfast Infinity-O display. Pair it with the Galaxy Buds+ for a realistic sound. It delivers superior audio quality with rich treble and bass, perfect when streaming videos.

What are your other suggestions on how to be productive during the enhanced community quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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