Digital Collaboration Suite Lark Introduces Lark Mail For Enterprises in PH

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Cementing its bid to provide seamless digital collaboration solutions amid the current situation where remote work is widely implemented by firms, Lark recently launched the Lark Mail.

Lark Disrupts Traditional Email with New Product Offering, Lark Mail
Lark Disrupts Traditional Email with New Product Offering, Lark Mail

Lark Mail can easily be integrated with Lark’s suite of collaboration tools including Messenger, Video Calling, Docs, Sheets, Cloud Storage, and Calendar.

Among the productivity features of Lark anchored on the demands of today’s virtual workplaces include the ‘Email a Chat Group’ function where users can create a chat group to send work emails to. Lark Mail also allows its users to have an organized smart inbox by sorting out priority emails first.

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Through Lark Mail, users can also easily and quickly see who has access to particular work files with just a click. They can create a personalized out of office reply to be sent automatically in case users are out of the office, on leave, or on a business trip.

“Email remains a core component to the workflow of many organizations, but its separation from other collaborative tools such as messenger creates bottlenecks in productivity and makes it hard to stay on the same page," said Joey Lim, Lark VP of Commercial, Asia. "We strongly believe Lark Mail's integration of email with Messenger, Video Calling, Docs, Cloud Storage and Calendar will break down these barriers and transform the way email is used within our customers' organizations.”

Lark Mail can also be connected to Gmail to allow users seamless access between other platforms like Messenger and drive.

Another new feature introduced by Lark is the Magic Share which users can utilize to edit content within the video call window, eliminating the need to work with multiple tabs opened all at once. With Magic Share, participants in a video conference can view and edit a respective content at their own pace.

Lark Mail, as well as other Lark collaboration tools available with 200GB of cloud storage, 500GB of email storage, and unlimited video call minutes can be acquired by businesses and enterprises through

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