Ohmyhome Presents 'ShoutOut' for Easier and Faster Home Searching

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For Filipino property seekers who are swamped with work or domestic problems, searching through thousands of residential listings to find the perfect home can be an extremely time-consuming process. Singapore's leading proprietary company Ohmyhome, which recently launched its groundbreaking application in the Philippines, has introduced 'ShoutOut,' a special feature exclusive to the Ohmyhome app to make the housing journey even easier.

Ohmyhome Presents 'ShoutOut' for Easier and Faster Home Searching
Ohmyhome Presents 'ShoutOut' for Easier and Faster Home Searching

ShoutOut' allows buyers and renters to post their property preferences for sellers and landlords to see, guaranteed to make home-search smooth and easy.

“ShoutOut reverses the home-searching behavior. Buyers and tenants can post their requirements on the app, to which sellers or property owners can respond if their properties meet the criteria. This feature also gives property sellers a glimpse at what searchers are looking for.
“ShoutOut likewise works well for homebuyers who have been looking for a particular property but can’t find it through the app search options. With this new feature, they can simply create a ShoutOut and indicate their preferences,” Rhonda, Ohmyhome Chief Executive Officer, further points out.

In the Ohmyhome app, property seekers can tap the "Post your ShoutOut" option to 'shout out.' Users can choose from 'I want to buy' or 'I want to rent' from there and indicate their price range, the chosen venue, floor area, and other requirements such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces.

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ShoutOut allows up to five listings to be created by users. ShoutOuts are posts that illustrate what property seekers are searching for and the details of their ideal home, compared to the real property listings on the Ohmyhome website. After four weeks, each ShoutOut immediately expires but can be extended by clicking on the 'repost' button.

Race and Rhonda clarify how, with this new functionality, Ohmyhome makes home search simpler.

"Through ShoutOut, the Ohmyhome app helps match buyers to sellers automatically. For instance, if a user posts a ShoutOut indicating that he or she is looking for a property with certain property features in a specific location, the Ohmyhome system will notify property-sellers with listings that match what the user is looking for."

They add that buyers and sellers alike are prioritized by this new feature. ShoutOut is a unique and effective choice for vendors and landlords who can now "shop" for buyers and tenants by searching and filtering ShoutOut properties, sorting them by price, date posted, and other information.

When a property seller sees a good match in a prospective buyer, their listing can be 'suggested,' and a smooth and simple method can be reached directly.

Race and Rhonda Wong are pleased that for Filipino users, ShoutOut is currently making property search easier. We want more prospective homeowners to "shout out and get to their dream home on the right track.

They add, "We encourage interested property seekers to try our new ShoutOut feature and find out for themselves how easy and easy it can be to look for the ideal home."

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