Sudio Tolv Review: Leaving A Good Lasting Impression

Anjie lou delos Reyes

If we're going to make a list of the most stylish headphones and earphones in the market today, a brand that will most definitely be included in the line-up is Sudio. The Swedish audio brand knows how to lure users with its elegant- and premium-looking devices, but in terms of the sound quality, what does the company have to offer? Let's find out as we take a look at one of their offerings, the Sudio Tolv.

Sudio Tolv Review: Leaving A Good Lasting Impression
Sudio Tolv Review: Leaving A Good Lasting Impression


Again, Sudio didn't fall short in providing yet another beautiful device in the form of the Sudio Tolv. The earphones and its charging case comes in a variety of colors that steer away from the usual hues of other brands. Apart from the standard black and white, the Sudio Tolv is available in pastel blue, army green, pink, and anthracite, which is like a cobalt grey color.

Sudio Tolv Design

Each earbud comes with a round metal-looking button with colors that vary. For example, the white Sudio Tolv has a chic rose gold-colored button, while the green earbuds, the one we have in our testing lab, have gold ones. These buttons add a premium touch to the overall look and aesthetics of the Sudio Tolv.

The earbuds are designed in a small, oblong form with no "stems," and they both carry the Sudio branding near the ear tips.

Sudio Tolv Retail Package
Retail Package

Inside the compact package of the Sudio Tolv are the earbuds, of course, with its charging case, three pairs of extra ear tips in different sizes, an instruction manual, and a micro-USB charging cable.

For its price tag, one would've expected that the Sudio Tolv already has USB Type-C for charging. Its micro-USB inclusion is one of the caveats we found regarding the said earphones.

There's nothing negative to say about the earphones' fit, though, as even with its small body, they fit in the ears ergonomically. They are also lightweight -- weighing only 4.5 grams each earbud. For those who like to use their wireless earphones for long periods of time, you can count on the Sudio Tolv to give you a comfortable listening experience.

We mentioned earlier that Sudio Tolv has fancy-looking buttons that equally work well in delivering their tasks. Buttons are easier to press and responsive enough. A single press will either play/pause a track, while a double press will shuffle to the previous track for the left earbud and the next track for the right earbud. Reducing the volume entails a triple press on the left earbud, while three clicks on the right earbud will do the opposite.

Each earbud of the Sudio Tolv also has built-in microphones, which we can attest you can trust in delivering crystal clear calls. Also, unlike other TWS in the market with a similar price range, it has voice control, which means direct access to SIRI or Google Assistant. To activate the virtual assistant, press and hold the button until you hear the first beep. Keep in mind, though, that by holding the button after the first beep, Tolv will be turned off.

Another strength of the Sudio Tolv is it comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which means that an earbud can work without the other, even if you'll use it to listen to music or to answer calls.
Moreover, it comes with auto-pairing technology; once the earbuds are removed from the charging case, they will be paired together automatically with a known device.


Sudio says that the Tolv carries a new graphene driver, one of the best conductive material to date that is lightweight yet very durable. This simply means that it should be able to deliver outstanding audio performance. The Sudio Tolv did well in giving us full and punchy bass, and it also brought clear mids and highs across various music genres.

Sudio Tolv with Graphene Driver
With Graphene Driver

Although with its volume set beyond 60%, we noticed some cracks on the audio. It can also use a little improvement in terms of noise cancellation.


In terms of battery life, a single full charge of the earphones allowed us to use it for almost 8 hours, which is impressive enough. Take note, though, that we usually used it at about 50% volume. Meanwhile, its charging case can carry up to 35 hours of battery for the Tolv, which means more than 4 charging cycles.


The Sudio Tolv is priced at Php5,500 at, but if you use our code - TG15SUDIO, you will get a 15% discount, bringing down the asking price to just Php4,675! Every purchase comes with a free gift bag, 3 years warranty at Sudio Sphere, and free shipping.


Sudio Tolv Philippines
Sudio Tolv

If you're looking for an alternative to expensive TWS options, the Sudio Tolv is a good choice with its eye-catching design, impressive ergonomics, decent audio performance, and long battery life.

Disclaimer: Sudio sent us the TOLV as a sample in exchange for our honest review.

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