Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Review; Straightforward Sound

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Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Review; Straightforward Sound


Speaker systems used to be expensive, but just like other devices, the advancements in technology that provided various options paved the way for more affordable products. For instance, the Zeus x Fujisan A-350 Speaker is available on Shopee for a discounted price of only Php799 (original price: P1,999). Let's see if this is worth a purchase.

Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Straightforward Sound
Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Review; Straightforward Sound


The Zeus A-350 Speakers look just like any other multimedia speaker system. Its three-piece ensemble comprises two speakers with RCA input cables and one sub-woofer unit where users can control and tweak the audio according to their preferences.

Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Rear

The two treble satellite boxes, each carrying a 2.5-inch tweeter, are clad in a fiber mesh and an overall plastic build. No need to worry about accidentally dropping the speakers since they are designed to be dustproof and shockproof; at least, that is what the manufacturer says.

Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Volume Control
Volume Control

The main unit that houses the 4-inch subwoofer, on the other hand, comes in a standard cube form with a matte finish. Upfront, there's the speaker's volume control, while on its right side are its buttons for Bluetooth mode, next/previous track, subwoofer control, as well as an LED indicator, a USB slot, and an SD card slot. This means that the Zeus A-350 speakers can play audio from other sources apart from using a Bluetooth connection. Situated at the back are the controls for bass adjustment, audio input, power switch, power cable, and the audio input.

Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Input Ports and Controls
Input Ports and Controls

At first glance, you might not notice a thing that would tell that the Zeus A-350 speakers system is a budget buy, but a closer look will reveal some of its unpolished touches, including its roughly placed and plastic-made buttons panel.

One thing we appreciate about the Zeus A-350 is that it doesn't have messy cables since it is a Bluetooth speaker. This means that one can easily place and transfer the speaker system anywhere in the house without dealing with clustered wiring.


Since the Zeus A-350 is a budget speaker, we weren't really expecting that much in terms of its audio performance. Testing it using a number of songs in various genres, it rather proved itself to be a decent choice, offering a sound quality that's at par with its pricing.

Zeus A-350 Bluetooth Speaker Philippines

On its Shopee store, Zeus claims that the Zeus A-350's subwoofer delivers a "powerful bass shock," but using the speakers proves that this is just a marketing ploy. The bass production of the Zeus A-350 is noticeably lacking, although this might not be an issue for those who are not really bass heads.

Zeus A-350 Tweeters

Despite falling short in the bass department, the Zeus A-350 played well in delivering acceptable mids and highs. This speaker system is a decent choice for those looking for an audio companion for binge-watching sessions and movie marathons, although take note that setting it beyond 60% in volume would entail brittle sounds.

As mentioned earlier, an impressive feat of the Zeus A-350 is its connectivity options. Setting up its Bluetooth connection is a seamless task, and even the connection stays intact even when the music source is approximately 10 meters away from the Zeus A-350.


The Zeus x Fujisan A-350 2.1 speaker system is currently priced at P799 from its original price of P1,999. Get it through Shopee via Zeus Official Store at https://bit.ly/zeusofficialstore.


For those always on the lookout for affordable alternatives, especially for devices, you might want to add the Zeus A-350 to your Shopee carts, especially if you're not that very particular with overall sound quality.

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