Marshall Major IV Review; Hitting the Right Notes

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As expected from an established audio brand like Marshall, their devices' line just keeps getting better and better. Take the Marshall Major IV as an example. While other audio companies are scrambling to put unique features on their headphones and earphones, Marshall took the familiar route with the Major IV, equipping only what's necessary and providing results akin to what a straightforward type of audiophile is looking for. Let's dig deeper.

Marshall Major IV Review; Hitting the Right Notes
Marshall Major IV Review; Hitting the Right Notes

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Of course, the Marshall Major IV, just like other headphones under this brand, looks very Marshall-y. It sports the audio firms' iconic look with an all-black mostly-leather design and that classic Marshall emblem on both earcups. What has been improved for the Major IV is more on the ergonomics side -- it noticeably has softer ear cushions that fit very conveniently when worn.

Marshall Major IV Earcups with Soft Cushions
Earcups with Soft Cushions

Dismissing operational buttons, the Major IV has a lone multi-directional control knob which is impressively very responsive in performing its task of playing/pausing/skipping music, adjusting volume levels, rejecting calls, and summoning voice assistant. It also works as the power button of the headphones. You just have to have a knack for the specific actions needed per function, and you'll appreciate how this single knob inclusion is a lot better than having too many buttons.

Marshall Major IV Ports, Control, Indicator
Ports, Control, Indicator

In its package, the Major IV comes with a USB-C cable and a 3.5mm audio cord that you can use to share music with other compatible Marshall headphones users through passive wired listening.

Marshall Major IV Retail Package
Retail Package

The Major IV is easy to carry, and this can be your travel audio buddy (once it's safe to go on long travels again) as it's collapsible and weighs only 165 grams.

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The Major IV carries 40mm dynamic drivers and has a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz and 32 ohms driver impedance. Out of the box, it has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which works well up to a 10-meter range.

Marshall Major IV Performance

Putting all these technical specs into real-world use, we were able to enjoy a number of our favorite tracks using the Major IV. What outrightly caught our attention is how good the Major IV is in delivering deep, punchy bass and clear highs, all at the same time. Needless to say, this pair of headphones is a good choice for bass heads. Even when used on high volume levels, the Major IV didn't produce any sign of sound distortion.

In songs where a lot of instruments are playing all at once, you can clearly single out which is which when listening to this type of tracks with the Major IV, and it helps that this pair of cans also have a fairly accurate soundstage.

Now, if you're a kind of audiophile that's more leaning into active noise canceling specialties, you can remove the Major IV from your list, as it altogether lacks this feature.

The battery life of the Major IV is yet another department this device excels in. Closer to what Marshall advertises of an 80-hour wireless playtime, we were able to use the pair more than a week with four to five hours of continued usage per day -- more than what's substantial for an enjoyable music experience without having to plug it into the charger every now and then.

What adds to the already premium feel of the Major IV is its wireless charging compatibility. You need to buy the wireless charging pad separately, though. Marshall has equipped the Major IV with matte silicone piping so that when it's on the charging pad, it won't slide off. How long it would take for the Major IV to be recharged wirelessly actually depends on the wireless charger's quality, but with the included USB-C cable, the Major IV can be refueled for up to a 15-hour juice in just a 15-minute charge.


Marshall Major IV Philippines
Marshall Major IV

Obviously, the Marshall Major IV ticks the right boxes -- high-quality audio, ease of use, sturdy battery life, and eye-catching, elegant look. All of these you can get for a discounted price of Php7,690 (SRP is Php8,690) from Marshall's official store on Lazada at

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