AOC Monitors Go Big with New Commercial Displays

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Because of its revolutionary monitors that suit many of the country's leading industries' functionalities, AOC Monitors continues to lead the Philippine sector. With its latest Commercial Displays, AOC Monitors is at the forefront of creativity once again this year. With enhanced features that build on what made previous models popular, AOC Monitors' Commercial Display aims to provide a solution to industry-wide challenges.

AOC Monitors Go Big with New Commercial Displays
AOC Monitors Go Big with New Commercial Displays

AOC Monitors is launching new models this year that keep up with the times. These displays are now smarter and capable of performing more tasks than the average commercial display on the market, thanks to their ability to communicate with Android version 8 firmware and USB devices.

In its premium SPX Series line of monitors, AOC Monitors is launching six new LFD versions. These displays, which are available in sizes of 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86”, feature 4K UHD resolution and a brightness of 500 cd/m2. The SPX series has small bezels on both sides and an elegant design, enabling viewers to concentrate on what matters most. SPX series monitors are the next step in developing smart screens, becoming smarter than Smart TV. With the SPX series' Cloud Management System, users can interact with the monitor without cables or disk drives. All is managed via the Internet, allowing for smooth management from any venue.

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Even in the confines of a conference room during sessions, we still have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. SPT Interactive White Boards from AOC Monitors (IWB). Presenters may add a bit of flair to their presentations and pitches with AOC Monitors' IWB. This cutting-edge system keeps up with the times with cloud-based conference features, providing unique business meeting solutions that no other display can match. Monitors in the SPT series are available in various sizes, ranging from 55” to 86”.

Finally, AOC Monitors is expanding its Commercial Show lineup with the SPU series. These monitors, which are aimed at global brands, can link to each other from anywhere in the world, enabling brands to develop, manage, and publish content with ease and consistency. These displays also have Wi-Fi modules, allowing brands to manage their content without requiring any hardware intervention. The SPU series from AOC Monitors includes versions with 75" displays.

AOC Monitors Commercial Displays will help you expand your company today. Select options that address the issues at hand. Choose efficient solutions. Get in touch with your nearest dealer right away.

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