Sudio Nio Review; Sleek and Simple

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Our first encounter with Swedish audio brand Sudio was with the Tolv earphones which left a good impression because of their outstanding audio performance and pleasing aesthetics. So when another pair from the brand landed at our lab to be tried and tested, our expectations were quite high. Did the Sudio Nio deliver just as well as the Sudio Tolv? Read on our review to find out.

Sudio Nio Review; Sleek and Simple
Sudio Nio Review; Sleek and Simple


The Sudio Nio comes at a cheaper price than the Sudio Tolv. For a relatively affordable tag of PhP3,800, the brand dubbed the Sudio Nio as “the earphones for the people.” At first look, you’ll notice that the Nio pair carries one of the things that Sudio is known for -- eye-catching and premium-looking designs. Though the Sudio Nio resembles Apple’s AirPods in terms of its form factor and its charging case, these earphones have distinguishable qualities of their own.

Sudio Nio Retail Package
Retail Package

For one, the pair comes with removable silicone wingtips which come in four sizes, so you’ll get to choose which ones are good for you in terms of comfort and ergonomics. These silicone tips also help in ensuring that the earphones stay in place even when used during workouts. The Sudio Nio has an IPX4 rating so it can definitely be your exercise buddy as it can withstand sweat and even accidental liquid splashes.

Sudio Nio Retail Unit
Sudio Nio

You may opt to use the Sudio Nio with or without the silicone tips. Upon testing, what we noticed is that it’s really more comfortable when the silicone tips are attached but it somehow sacrifices the earphones’ audio performance. We’ll talk about this later on in the review. Apart from the pair of earphones, the charging case, and the four free pairs of wingtips, the package of the Sudio Nio also comes with a USB-C charger.

Sudio Nio Charging Case
Charging Case

This pair of earphones is a delight for those who like their TWS sleek and simple. There aren't that many details on the earphones themselves apart from the Sudio emblem. What we got as a test unit was the black one. Other colors include white, green, and sand. If we are to buy our own pair, we'd choose either the green or the sand one because they look even more premium.

The charging case of Sudio Nio appears sturdy and durable enough, however, its glossy finish makes it a magnet to scratches. It’s lightweight and pocketable and its round edges make it easy to hold. The Nio earphones are made of plastic, just like its charging case, and while it lessens its expensive aura, one good thing about this is its featherweight and you won’t feel uncomfortable even when you use the pair for long periods of time.

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Similar to the Sudio Tolv, the Sudio Nio appeals to bass heads. Once you get to use this pair, one of the very first things you’ll notice audio-wise is how it delivers punchy bass. However, the bass level gets too overwhelming in some tracks that it tends to overpower the mid-range or the sound of the vocals and the instruments. Soundstage is decent, too, although this pair might not be the best choice when it comes to noise cancellation.

Earlier, we mentioned that using the wingtips of the Sudio Nio affects its sound quality. The reason why is that we noticed that when the wingtips are attached and not positioned properly, the audio produced by these earphones appears muffled. Removing them or at least ensuring proper fit, though, brings you clearer sound.

In terms of ease of use, the Sudio Nio is among the TWS options in the market that can be controlled seamlessly. Its touch controls are responsive enough, and we didn’t have a hard time doing some functions including playing/pausing tracks (single press), playing the previous track (double press on the left earbud), skipping to the next song (double press on the right earbud), reducing volume (triple press on the left earbud), increasing the volume (triple press on the right earbud), answering calls (one-second press), declining calls (two-second press), and hanging up on calls (three-second press).

Bluetooth pairing is also a walk in the park with the Sudio Nio, and its connection is pretty strong, too, as we didn’t encounter any hiccups even when walking around and away from the source of music. It would’ve been nice if the Sudio Nio came with a compatible app where we can tweak some of its settings.


We were able to use the Sudio Nio for around seven hours from a single full charge. The charging case of the Sudio Nio has a single LED indicator below the Sudio logo which illuminates white when the battery has over 25% and orange when the battery is low. From a 1.5-hour charge, the Sudio Nio can revert with 5 hours of playtime. Combined with its charging case, these earphones can last up to 20 hours.


The Sudio Nio is priced at Php3,800 at, but if you use our code - TG15SUDIO, you will get a 15% discount, bringing down the asking price to just Php3,230! Every purchase comes with a free gift bag, 3 years warranty at Sudio Sphere, and free shipping.


Sudio Nio Philippines
Sudio Nio Black and White Colors

The Sudio Nio might not be for those who are very particular in hearing clear details in terms of sound, but for casual listeners and bass lovers who like to have a pair of TWS that are good-looking, then this pair is a good deal.

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