Achieve Healthier Indoor Air with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion and Unique Airflow Technologies

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Having decent indoor air quality is a vital aspect of living in a safe household. Lacking it will add two common health issues to your family: allergy and asthma. When you eliminate the airborne irritants in your place, those who suffer from allergies and asthma eventually gain relief from their symptoms. More people now prioritize healthier air because of the infectious viruses that may affect our family.

Achieve Healthier Indoor Air with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion and Unique Airflow Technologies
Achieve Healthier Indoor Air with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion and Unique Airflow Technologies

Aside from that, even stable people will still benefit from clean air. How? The advantages of breathing quality air are so vast that they range from a higher quality of health, which converts into a longer life, to more success at work, improving sleep, having quality rest, reducing sick leave, and, in general, greater convenience.

With this in mind, Sharp Corporation and Associate Professor Masashi Yamakawa performed a study to show how Plasmacluster Ions and Airflow technologies efficiently capture airborne particles. Masashi Yamakawa from the Kyoto Institute of Technology is a specialist in the study of airborne virus droplets. With his help, they verified that an air purifier with Plasmacluster ions performs even better than the traditional ones.

This simulation used Sharp’s patented airflow air conditioner and an air purifier with our proprietary 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. After that, they studied the impact of ventilation from air conditioners and air purifiers on virus droplets in living spaces.

They also measured the speed and position of the airflow of air conditioners and air purifiers and studied its acceleration in a living space under simulated use. Yamakawa studied the movement (collection to machinery, adhesion to the surroundings) when virus droplets were produced. Here’s a schematic of Sharp’s simulation along with Professor Yamakawa’s review.

In this simulation, there’s a distinction between a general air purifier that sends air directly above the substance with an air purifier with our patented 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. Apart from that, they did an analysis and evaluation using an air conditioner fitted with a general filter with high air pass-through performance.

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The general air purifier releases a direct upward flow that allows the virus droplets to diffuse in many directions. How about Sharp’s air purifier? It allows the air to flow so viral particles are easily trapped without being spread in a vacuum.

The same thing happens with the Sharp patented airflow air conditioner vs. a conventional one. For the standard air conditioner, the infectious virus droplets are carried by air currents and dragged into the air conditioner, so they are not captured. These droplets are diffused again into space on the air coming out from the air conditioner.

For a Sharp air conditioner, the air is blown upward. When an air purifier is mounted directly underneath, an airflow is produced rapidly around the space. This procedure allows the airborne virus droplets to be collected efficiently.

For almost two decades, Sharp worked on achieving comfortable indoor air conditions by utilizing Plasmacluster and airflow technologies. Because of that, they have different goods that are packed with these advances. Here are the latest appliances with Plasmacluster Ion Technology.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier FP-J50P-H
Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier FP-J50P-H

1.Sharp FP-J50P-H Air Purifier – Whether you’re staying in a small condo or home, this is an ideal companion for fresher air. It can occupy a 40sqm of space with its high-density PCI generator and fan—no need to think about high energy bills because this one comes with an inverter service. You can also monitor this from your smartphone because of its Smart Activity feature via AIoT. Most importantly, it features Plasmacluster ions that deactivate airborne allergens, viruses, and pollutants using positive and negative ions.

Sharp Plasmacluster Electric Fan
Sharp Plasmacluster Electric Fan

2.Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Electric Fans – As we’re living in a tropical country, electric fans are mandatory for any household. Sharp is leveling up the standard electric fan by equipping it with Plasmacluster ion technology to ward off germs, molds, allergens, and viruses. Moreover, this one features an Anti-Overheat Motor for long hours of use and consumer safety. It has a 160 degrees rotation action and a three-speed setting. Lastly, Sharp Plasma cluster Ion Electric Fan comes in three different versions so you can select according to your need: Stand Fan (PJ-IGS16M), Desk Fan (PJ-IGT16M), and Wall Fan (PJ-IGW16M).

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