Bosch BeConnected App for Power Tools Now Available on iOS and Android

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Leading technology and service provider Bosch has released BeConnected, a rewards and product authentication app for the company's power tools. Bosch BeConnected is the first of its kind smartphone app for users in the Philippines' power tools industry, and it's launching in a few countries across the Asia Pacific.

Bosch BeConnected App for Power Tools Now Available on iOS and Android
Bosch BeConnected App for Power Tools Now Available on iOS and Android

“We often receive questions from users about how they can check the authenticity of our products, where they can purchase, where they can get their tool repaired, and other issues – this app is our response to those questions,” said William Go, Bosch Power Tools Country Business Director in the Philippines. “Because of the variety of knowledge available online, customers have become more cautious about the items they purchase. Bosch BeConnected capitalizes on the growing popularity of mobile devices and the need for digital solutions that provide real-time data access. The app aims to help consumers pursue a healthier digital lifestyle by offering a highly customized user experience.”

Users can access real-time details such as technical requirements and warranties, product verification features, digital aftersales experience, and ongoing promotions and rewards program by scanning the QR codes on each Bosch power tool product, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

At your fingertips, you'll find product details and verification features.

The app acts as an anti-counterfeit tool in addition to providing real-time access to its power tool library, which provides product information, peer reviews, and instructional videos on proper tool use. Users have the option of scanning the QR code on the power tool's packaging to check its validity or manually entering the bare tool and serial number registration.

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Better after-sales service: Say goodbye to misplaced warranty receipts and invoices.

Users will be able to monitor the status of their electronic warranties once they register their Bosch tools in the app, making it easier to manage and maintain their power tool fleet or collection. The app also makes it easier for users to find Bosch-certified dealers and service centers throughout the country.

Get more out of your transactions by accumulating points, redeeming gifts, and taking advantage of exclusive offers.

Users can gain points for any action they take on BeConnected, whether it's leaving product reviews, recommending friends, or registering tools. These points can be exchanged for discount coupons or exclusive Bosch merchandise.

The Philippines has one of the largest and most strong power tool communities in Southeast Asia. With 19,000 members and expanding, Bosch User Group Philippines is the country's largest Facebook group of Bosch power tool users.

At, you will learn more about Bosch's power tool initiatives. Follow Bosch Specialist Power Tools and Accessories Philippines on Facebook for more information.

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