LG's Latest RAC Lineup Benefits from Groundbreaking UVnano Technology

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LG Electronics, the world leader in inverter technology for residential air conditioners, has launched the LG DUALCOOL air conditioners with Dual Inverter Compressor. LG's new and improved air-conditioning systems claim to use 70% less energy and cool 40% faster. UVnano, LG's ground-breaking technology, was also demonstrated. UVnano kills 99.99 percent of germs in the machine, including bacteria and viruses. The latest LG DUALCOOL air conditioners feature a powerful 5-step Total Air Care System with effective PM1.0 filtration to provide a clean, safe and fresh living experience that is also ideal for your smart home. The air conditioners support Wi-Fi networking with the LG ThinQ app, allowing users to monitor the air conditioner from anywhere at any time, including turning it on and off. LG hopes to raise its local market share to 15% by 2021 with this latest LG DUALCOOL air conditioner line.

LG's Latest RAC Lineup Benefits from Groundbreaking UVnano Technology
LG's Latest RAC Lineup Benefits from Groundbreaking UVnano Technology

"The pandemic profoundly changed how people live their lives," said Mr. Young Park, LG Philippines' Vice President for Air Conditioners and Energy Solutions. What was once commonplace, such as going to the movies or eating out, is now something you must forego. Staying at home as much as possible has become one of the most effective ways to look after yourself and your family. LG created new air conditioners in response to this change, which helps protect family members from germs, bacteria, and dust particles present in the air. The new machines' superior air removal and purification capabilities are complemented by their longevity and energy-saving performance, allowing them to be used for more extended periods."

LG's latest air-conditioner series includes cutting-edge UVnano technology, which eliminates 99.99 percent of germs from humidity, bacteria, and viruses that might be in the air, inside the device, or on the air-fan conditioner's in the LG DUALCOOL APX and IPX versions. TUV Rheinland in South Korea tested and certified the UVnano technology's high removal quality, as well as its certified ability to prevent the growth of fungi and microbes that can cause allergies, colds, and lung infections, in March 2021. The IPX model has an Ionizer+ feature tested by TUV Rheinland and found to sterilize 99.9% of all SARS-CoV2 traces in controlled test conditions. LG's latest technologies will help customers transition to a COVID-free new standard quickly. The LG DUALCOOL APX series' integrated air purifier can detect and remove PM1.0 dust particles, which are 2.5 times smaller than PM2.5. Furthermore, the APX and IPX series' 5-stage Total Air Care System offers a complete air-purification system, beginning with the Pre-Filter, which detects dust particles in the first step and ending with Auto-Cleaning, which cleans within the airway to avoid bacteria and mold. Every family member will enjoy a cool, safe, and fresh atmosphere at home thanks to the new LG DUALCOOL.

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LG aims to comprehensively meet the needs of all segments a year after the pandemic began, with capacities ranging from 1HP to 3HP for all room sizes and numerous features to suit different lifestyles. This year's LG residential air-conditioner lineup includes, in addition to the APX and IPX models:

IPC versions have excellent energy efficiency, and the Plasmaster Ionizer+ kills up to 99 percent of bacteria and allergens, making it ideal for health-conscious and budget-conscious customers.
The Plasmaster Ionizer+, which eliminates bacteria and provides superior energy efficiency, is one of the IPC models that responds to shifting market trends toward health and wellness. The models are available in a wide range of capacities to accommodate a wide range of room sizes. Furthermore, the IPC version has a powerful 3HP, making it an excellent option for large rooms.
The Dual Inverter Compressor in the ISW models allows for lower energy consumption, faster cooling efficiency, and increased durability. They're also available at a budget-friendly price point, enabling price-conscious customers to experience LG's cutting-edge air-conditioning technology at a low cost.

LG's latest air-conditioning lineup is powered by the company's renowned Dual Inverter Compressor, which uses up to 70% less energy and provides 40% faster cooling. These cutting-edge air-conditioner lines often offer various comfort features, such as Active Energy Control for energy savings during long sessions and the Windblast feature, which provides broad 20-metre coverage. LG also introduces a new remote control with an LED backlight for night use, allowing customers to choose Sleep Mode without turning on the lights. The new series also includes Gold Fin condensers with proprietary anti-corrosion coating, as well as a 10-year compressor warranty and a 1-year warranty on condensers, evaporators, and PCB mainboards for added reliability and peace of mind.

LG also stresses its dedication to elevating a smart home experience with the advanced LG ThinQ app, in line with its 'Innovation for a Better Life' philosophy. Customers can also save time in the event of a complaint using the Smart Diagnosis software, which can identify common issues with air conditioners.

"We are excited to bring LG's revolutionary UVnano technology to the Philippine market. Because of the pandemic, these superior technologies and comprehensive features promise to bring new and clean air quality to every household. It also provides excellent value for resources and energy conservation, something Filipinos are looking for. Our new line of air conditioners distinguishes us as the only brand capable of removing germs from humidity, bacteria, and viruses that could spread through the air." LG Philippines' Managing Director, Mr. Sungjae Kim, said.

LG goods are available in-store and online at all registered dealers throughout the country. For a full list of our retail partners, go to LG.com.ph. LG's Official Flagship Store is also available on Lazada at https://bit.ly/lgofficialstoreph and Shopee at https://bit.ly/lgphofficialstore.

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