Diskartech, the Country's First All-In-One "Taglish" Inclusion Super App

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Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) created Diskartech, the country's first all-in-one "Taglish" inclusion super app. The mobile app aims to bring unbanked and underserved Filipinos into the formal financial system, especially those living in grassroots communities. The app will be a dependable and convenient platform for various useful features, such as sachet banking, digital banking, and even fast healthcare solutions.

Diskartech, the Country's First All-In-One "Taglish" Inclusion Super App
Diskartech, the Country's First All-In-One "Taglish" Inclusion Super App

The Google Play Store and App Store also offer free downloads of the app. Diskartech has seen a surge in downloads and new registrations since its launch.

It has been the fastest local finance app to hit one million downloads. It has been dubbed the Philippines' breakout finance app and has enabled previously unbanked Filipinos to enter the formal financial system since its launch just nine months ago.

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1. Loans Marketplace
  • a. DiskarTech users will soon be able to apply for microloans via the app's "loans marketplace." It's named that because consumers will be able to select the loan product that best suits their needs from a variety of lenders.
  • b. The DiskarTech app will house a variety of fintech and financial institutions, each with its own set of services.
  • c. DiskarTech users can then choose from a variety of loan types and products based on their preferred loan number, terms, and borrower profile. In-app applications and document submissions are also needed.
  • d. The following are some of the items that will be available at first:
  • i. Doctor's Loan
  • ii. Car Loan
  • iii. Truck Loan
  • iv. Motorcycle Loan
  • v. PUV/Taxi Loan
  • vi. Multicab Loan
  • vii. Tricycle Loan
  • viii. Housing Loan
  • ix. Loan to OFWs
  • x. Loan to Seafare
2. Visayas' first financial app
  • a. DiskarTech, which was the first Taglish finance app on the market, now aims to be the first to provide a Visayan GUI.
  • b. DiskarTech will sell its platform in the second most spoken Philippine language to introduce true financial inclusion to the Filipino mass market.
  • c. It aspires to increase financial literacy among users and provide assistance with banking transactions.
3. Panalo ka Sa DiskarTech (March Panalo ka Sa DiskarTech)
  • a. As part of its savings program, DiskarTech launched the "Ipon Galing Galing" promotion this month. This will result in a weekly "Double Ipon" prize equal to the average daily balance of each raffle winner. After the six-week promotion, a grand prize winner will also receive a "Triple Ipon" prize worth two times the winner's average daily balance.
  • b. Raffle entries can be won by completing such in-app purchases.
  • c. Bill payment, prepaid top-up, and insurance and telemedicine device purchases all give consumers an "Ipon Reward" of 2% of eligible transaction amounts.
  • d. These cash credits are deposited into their interest-bearing savings accounts without delay.
  • e. This is in order to promote digital savings among the app's users.
4. DiskarTech Viber Party
  • a. Viber Philippines has collaborated with DiskarTech.
  • b. Viber has developed a digital financial literacy community for its millions of Filipino users. Anyone can enter and obtain useful information and advice on how to handle their finances efficiently in a madiskarte manner.

For more info, visit https://diskartech.ph/ or follow them at https://www.facebook.com/DiskarTech.

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