Smart Wins All Opensignal Awards for Q1 2021

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Independent mobile analytics company Opensignal recently announced that PLDT wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) had won all categories in the Philippines Mobile Network Experience Awards.

Smart Wins All Opensignal Awards for Q1 2021
Smart Wins All Opensignal Awards for Q1 2021

Smart outperformed the competition in all dimensions in three critical areas of service: coverage (4G Coverage Experience, 4G Availability), speed (Download and Upload Speed), and experience (from Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, 2021). (Games, Video and Voice app).

This is the first time a Philippine operator has won all three categories decisively.

"This achievement validates our unwavering commitment to providing the best service to our customers around the world, and it gives us renewed momentum to stay the course," said Alfredo S. Panlilio, President and CEO of Smart Communications and PLDT Chief Revenue Officer.
"We are no longer comparing ourselves to local competitors, but rather to other regional telcos. We are not only improving Smart, but also the Philippines' internet speed, by doing so "Added he.

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Smart also took a commanding lead in all categories across all regions, especially in terms of Games Experience, where it outperformed its competitor in every region.

"Smart has accomplished a rare and amazing feat: it has won all seven of our national mobile experience awards. It has come close to this mark in previous papers, but this is the first time it has done so "Senior analyst at Opensignal, Sam Fenwick, wrote about it.
"In addition to successfully defending the five awards it earned in our previous article," Fenwick continued, "Smart turned a shared win on Games Experience into an outright win and successfully regained the Voice App Experience award, which Globe won last time around."

Despite the awards, Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT and Smart's Head of Technology, stated that the company's work does not end here. "We are not going to rest on our laurels. We'll keep putting in the effort that has helped Smart become the nation's fastest network with the most widespread 4G coverage. Despite winning all of the awards, Smart is working to make our 5G network, which now has over 2,500 locations, even faster "Tamayo said.

In terms of video experience, we're still the best.

Smart's lead in Video Experience has also been maintained. "Smart received a higher score of 60.9 out of 100 for Video Experience than Globe, which received a score of 53.1. As a result, Smart's winning streak has remained unbroken since we first introduced this award to the Philippines in March 2019 "According to Opensignal.

Smart also leads in 4G Availability, which is described as the percentage of time 4G users are connected to 4G or LTE, and 4G Coverage Experience, a measure of how mobile subscribers perceive 4G coverage on an operator's network.

Smart also took first place in the categories of Download Speed and Upload Speed Experience. "Our Filipino users have seen a substantial change in their average download speeds, with our Smart users seeing by far the largest increase — both in absolute and percentage terms," according to Opensignal, noting that Smart's Download Speed Experience score has increased by 29.5 percent since their last survey.

Smart has reclaimed the award for Voice App Experience, according to Opensignal, thanks to a "impressive" 11.9-point (19.4 percent) improvement in Smart's ranking to 73.4 points.

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