Sudio Femtio Review; Good for a First Try?

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The Sudio Femtio is the first speaker under the lineup of the Swedish audio brand. Did Sudio get all the essential points covered on the first try, or does the speaker leave more room for improvement? Let's find out in this Sudio Femtio review!

Sudio Femtio Review; Good for a First Try?
Sudio Femtio Review; Good for a First Try?

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While most brands of Bluetooth speakers nowadays focus on putting fancy synchronized lights on their models, Sudio took the more straightforward route with the Femtio wearing a gray fabric with metallic plates on either side. The speaker is available in three colors: black, anthracite, and silver.

Sudio Femtio Retail Package
Retail Package

Out of the box, one would think that the rectangular rubber plate attached to the speaker is just some sort of a stand to place the device on, but it's actually its base that's unremovable. It's kind of odd for us as we think the Sudio Femtio could be even more pleasing to the eyes without the rubber base. But more than just the aesthetics, Sudio might have considered what can be functional as the rubber base helps the speaker stay in place.

Sudio Femtio Ports

The said rubber base houses the battery. It's also where you can find the speaker's USB-C charging port and the 3.5mm audio jack located at the back, while at the front is the Sudio label.

Sudio Femtio Controls

At the top of the cylindrical body of the Sudio Femtio are its rubberized buttons, which are placed evenly -- a very well-thought-out design detail since it makes the buttons easily distinguishable from each other. The controls include one each for power, play/pause, volume up and volume down, and pairing. Apart from their original functions, some of the buttons have dedicated commands like playing the next song with a long press of the - or + buttons and summoning your device's voice assistant when you hold a press on the play/pause button.

The Sudio Femtio comes with a plastic build which is somehow a letdown given its beautiful outer design. On its website, Sudio claims that the Femtio can "travel anywhere" as it comes with an "IPX6 ingress protection rating", which is basically an indicator that it can withstand liquid splashes. This makes it ideal to be your audio buddy on a beach or a pool party. Its plastic build accounts for its portability. You can quickly bring the Sudio Femtio anywhere without much of a hassle.

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It seems like Sudio has a lot of homework to do for its next speaker model with the audio performance of Femtio considered. Its sound quality is noticeably lacking in several aspects, the most obvious of which is its bass department. Its bass can be prominent when you tweak the volume on a high level, but then you'll notice the sound distortion. A powerful and dynamic track like Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive" sounded tamed when played with this speaker. Vocal clarity and balance between background instruments also appear muddy.

On the other hand, instrumental tracks sound good with the Sudio Femtio, as well as songs that are under the jazz and acoustic genres. If these kinds of music are your cup of tea, the Sudio Femtio could definitely work for you.

The Sudio Femtio comes with a built-in microphone, and it works fine when used in calls. Its Siri and Google Assistant functions are helpful and responsive as well.

This speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology so expect a smooth-sailing ride when it comes to pairing and connectivity. Its range is 10 meters, and it plays music fluidly even with the said distance almost maximized.


Sudio promises a 14-hour battery life with the Femtio, and with our experience with the said speaker, this is a bit closer to reality. We could use the Femtio to play our favorite tracks for an accumulated 10-12 hours, which is an admirable feat. However, it takes too long for the speaker to be fully recharged, which is somehow a setback given that it has a USB-C charging port. Newer Bluetooth speakers in the market also have two hours at most for charging time on average.


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Sudio Femtio Philippines
Sudio Femtio

Sudio has proven itself to be worthy of attention when it comes to its headphones and earphones segment. For its opening salvo for Bluetooth speakers in the form of the Sudio Femtio, we can say it's a good job for a first try, However, we are looking forward to the upgrades the brand will include on its next speaker models.

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