OLED evo is LG’s exclusive OLED technology

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OLED evo is LG’s exclusive OLED technology

When anything new is released, there is always a fever pitch to discover what is inside and peer under the hood. This is valid for all industries in the era of video blogging and production. New menu items from your favorite restaurant, a revamp of a fan-loved car model, next-generation gaming consoles, and of course technology equipment are some of the most popular things to compare and contrast to earlier editions. The well-regarded LG OLED TVs are not an exception. Its most recent offering, the LG OLED evo, has been a popular topic for video creators everywhere. In order to dispel some of the ambiguity surrounding the OLED evo, we go into great detail on what it offers.

OLED evo is LG’s exclusive OLED technology
OLED evo is LG’s exclusive OLED technology

What is the LG OLED evo?

Simply put, LG OLED evo refers to the technology that powers the TVs rather than any specific part of them. Modern dynamic tone mapping and the potent 9 Gen5 AI Processor are combined in LG's own OLED technology, known as OLED evo. Regardless of the panel or components that may be used in a particular model, all 42-inch C2 OLED TVs will meet the same picture quality standards.

Even though some other electronics makers might use the same fundamental OLED technology, OLED evo is such a compelling alternative for consumers. LG's own processing methods and performance-tuning models are what make them unique. The tremendous capabilities of LG's 9 Gen 5 intelligent CPU are utilized by OLED evo to create stunning picture quality. These qualities and capabilities work together to make OLED evo technology stand out from the competition.

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Modern OLED innovations that go beyond technology are all included in the LG OLED evo 42, 48, and 52-inch TV models. The powerful 9 Gen5 AI Processor, which improves foreground and background effects, reduces picture noise, and offers greater resolution upscaling, powers all of them. Additionally, the image is enhanced for better immersion. Whether you're watching video with an ultra-high resolution (4K) or film from 20 years ago, the image quality is automatically adjusted to provide you the best viewing experience. Additionally, it allows the TVs' built-in speakers to mimic 7.1.2 surround sound, giving viewers a more authentic audio experience. Even without using additional speakers, you can still hear clear, sharp sound.

Another crucial feature of OLED evo TVs is the picture quality algorithm, which dynamic tone mapping and looks at the brightest and darkest areas in over 5,000 distinct positions of the screen. The best HDR is then calibrated by this technique for each of those locations. This means that more than 5,000 different parts of the screen can use optimal HDR for the best color expression. Colors should be perceived as they are meant to be perceived: brights are extraordinarily luminous, while dark areas remain as black as ebony.

Go beyond the panel by utilizing LG's cutting-edge OLED evo technology. Visit lg.com/ph for extra information on the goods. Along with being available at authorized retailers all around the nation, the LG OLED evo TVs can also be purchased from LG's official flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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