Chris Evans Named as TECNO's Global Brand Ambassador

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TECNO, the world's leading premium smartphone brand, has named internationally known actor Chris Evans as its brand ambassador. The charismatic Chris Evans, best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Universe series of films, embodies many of the qualities that have been associated with TECNO, particularly the brand philosophy of ‘Stop at Nothing,' which aims to inspire people to always keep ‘young at heart' and never stop pursuing excellence.

Chris Evans Named as TECNO's Global Brand Ambassador
Chris Evans Named as TECNO's Global Brand Ambassador

“I am thrilled to join with Tecno, an innovative smartphone brand that serves consumers in emerging regions with the latest smartphone technology,” Chris Evans said of the TECNO alliance. Smartphone technology is at the heart of it all, whether it's a phone call with someone you care about or an image you snap to save as a special memory. Working with such a fantastic company that goes to such lengths to assist individuals in those markets to expand their horizons is truly inspiring.”
“TECNO is devoted to offering the public access to the latest technology, allowing users to reach beyond their existing restrictions and unveil a world of possibilities,” stated Stephen Ha, General Manager of TECNO Mobile. Chris Evans personifies TECNO's brand slogan of being "young at heart" and striving for greatness. This collaboration with him expands TECNO's global footprint and highlights the brand's updated product design, which is becoming more trendy, lively, and forward-thinking. I am confident that the partnership will allow us to expand our present consumer base while also allowing us to expand our brand's globalization.”

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After its association with Manchester City Football Club, the partnership with Chris Evans is another milestone for TECNO. It is part of the company's global brand upgrading strategy, which aims to unlock the best of contemporary technologies in artistic designs, showcasing its mastery of serving the youth-generation consumers through innovation, technological, and artistic progression in the emerging markets globally.

Chris Evans was the face of the TECNO CAMON 17 launch on May 4th, and he will be featured in TECNO's emerging market marketing efforts. On May 4th, he saw everyone at the virtual launch video.

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