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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe; Now Brewing for Only Php5,500

As an Instagram feed filler, nothing beats a flawlessly flat placed coffee. Everyone nowadays, especially millennials, is enamored with coffee. However, with the current situation, relaxing in your neighborhood espresso bar while sipping your favorite java is not ideal. It's no surprise that many individuals are eager to get their hands on a coffee maker of their own!

Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe; Now Brewing for Only Php5,500
Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe; Now Brewing for Only Php5,500

Cherry makes it actually fairly simple to fulfill your barista dream in the comfort of your own home, as sophisticated as owning one sounds. With the Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe, you can say goodbye to long coffee shop lines and enjoy a café-like experience right in the comfort of your own kitchen or workstation.

It's time to dust off your double-walled mug and get your coffee fix whenever you want, because this multi-pod 4-in-1 machine with four adapters works with N Capsule, DG Capsule, Coffee Powder, and K-Cup. What a range of abilities! Not only will this free up space in your kitchen, but it will also save you money by avoiding the need to purchase a variety of coffee machines.

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Here are five reasons why every pantry or kitchen should have a Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe:

  • Roasted to perfection. Are you a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur? Don't worry, the Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe has been designed to complement your great taste senses. This machine promises to provide the perfect cup of coffee, from fragrance to body.
  • Ease-of-Use. Coffee makers aren't just for coffee aficionados. Don't be frightened to combine and brew using this machine because it's very handy. As you prepare your first cup like an expert, all eyes are on you.
  • Energy-saving. “However, I am attempting to conserve energy.” Say no more, because this coffee maker will not only assist you in quickly preparing your brain juice, but it will also complement your energy-conscious lifestyle.
  • Drip tray maintenance is simple. Some coffee machines can be a shambles. Who wants coffee residue on their expensive appliance or sticky splatters all over their counter? The Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe is a terrific deal for neat freaks because it boasts an easy drip tray maintenance system that allows you to keep your coffee buddy sparkling clean.
  • All-around. This machine not only has a multi-pod 4-in-1 feature that allows you to make a variety of coffees, but it also has two modes: espresso for 60mL cups and lungo for 150mL cups. The Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe can help you create just what you need, whether you need a slight jolt to liven up your morning or as much as you need to satiate your appetite.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? For about Php5,500, you can become your own barista. Get yours now via Lazada at or Shopee at

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