Meet the cute monsters of Monsta Infinite, a play-to-earn game

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The world woke up one day, and suddenly social media timelines are all about a game called 'Axie Infinity,' where apparently, users can earn cash while playing.

Following the dawn of blockchain and cryptocurrency comes a new trend in technology -- the play-to-earn games. Under this is what's called the "NFT," or non-fungible token. In the simplest terms possible, NFT games allow players to collect rewards and grow or “breed” their pets or game characters, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and then converted into cash.

It's easy to understand why more and more people are falling into the rabbit hole of NFT games. Apart from the fact that you can earn while playing, the games themselves are inviting, with all the perky characters present.

If you're looking to try NFT games but would rather find another option than going into Axie Infinity, you might want to try Monsta Infinite. It's not that far from Axie Infinity, though, as Monsta Infinite is inspired by the popular NFT game. The difference, as its developers claim, is that Monsta Infinite is a more affordable alternative. How affordable? Each Monsta will only cost 80 MONI or around 15USD each, which is way cheaper than Axie's floor price of USD190.

"The inception of the Monsta Infinite idea was [in] Feb 2021, our team's initial plan was to fork Axie Infinity and imitate it [in] every possible aspect as we see the potential of a lower entry cost Axie-like game," Monsta Infinite noted on its website.

It added that the game's mission is "to make the power of internet finance easy to understand and accessible to everyone."

"We believe that through gamification, we can push for easier and wider adoption of blockchain technology," it furthered.

In Monsta Infinite, users play with cute creatures called "Monstas" who live in a land called Shani. Like other games, in Monsta Infinite, players should collect Monstas and tokens called MONI, which can later be turned into cash. Players can also collect MONI by playing various games under the Monsta Infinite Universe.

The pre-sale for MONI tokens of Monsta Infinite will start on September 8, 2021, wherein 1 BNB = 2700 MONI, meaning each token is valued at $0.18 as per today's BNB value. It’s originally slated to carry its public launch in the second quarter of 2022 as per its roadmap; however, there are reports that the game will be available before the year ends.

Monsta Infinite is part of the blockchain network Binance Smart Chain that has various smart contract-based applications under its belt.

Are you excited to try this game? Let us know in the comments below! There's a lot to learn and discover about NFT gaming, as this is an emerging trend that still has undiscovered surprises upon its sleeve. Stay tuned as we're releasing more stories about play-to-earn games, including Monsta Infinite.

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