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The best social media posting platform, the best startup in the social media management category, the best app of the year, the best affiliate program, numerous victories and awards from prestigious digital media competitions in the world - all these are well-deserved laurels of the Postoplan app and its founder Alexei Bozhin.

Alexey Bozhin, Postoplan Founder
Alexey Bozhin, Postoplan Founder 

Launched just 2 years ago, the startup turned out to be very successful and in-demand and, rapidly breaking into the world of digital media management, it firmly took one of the leading positions in it, every day winning more and more loyal fans, clients, partners and arousing the well-deserved interest of serious investors.

So what is Postoplan, and why is it loved?

Postoplan - Simple Social Media Management Platform
Simple Social Media Management Platform

Postoplan is a smart multi-posting platform for social media.

Postoplan allows you to conveniently connect an unlimited number of accounts and simply manage all your and your clients' social networks from one workspace.

This is the only application that allows you to use a free plan, unlike competitors that only offer demo versions for 7-14 days. Then, when you're comfortable with managing the entire platform and getting more out of it, you can choose the professional plan you need. Whether it's a Pro tariff or an Agency - if you are a team. Prices for professional rates are also much lower than prices on other platforms.

What else does Postoplan offer us?

Postoplan - Create content easily, quickly, and conveniently
Create content easily, quickly, and conveniently

  • Smart queues - the application will help you choose the best time to publish your posts, thereby expanding your audience. Schedule your posts a week in advance, then take a break and watch them post to reach more and more people.
  • A smart calendar to suggest post ideas for you.
  • A huge database of content and images and a convenient and easy-to-learn constructor make your posts very interesting and simple. So give freedom to your imagination and creativity.
  • Preview - having created your post in Postoplan, you can always preview how it will look on your Facebook or Instagram account. And by publishing your posts, Postoplan automatically adjusts them in accordance with all the requirements of social networks. In addition, legal partnership with social networks makes Postoplan the safest posting application - your account will never be blocked for using the application.
  • 24/7 support - the guys really care about customers and are ready to help 24 hours a day.

Postoplan - Increase audience and number of clients
Increase audience and number of clients

The long-awaited feature of built-in smart advertising in Postoplan has already been announced and will be operational soon. This function is really awaited by many since, along with the convenience of setting up analytics monitoring and the ability to launch companies in several networks at once, the tariffs are also expected to be very democratic and pleasant.

And, of course, the partners company Postoplan deserves a separate mention. This is the only application from all platforms that allows its registered users to earn money through partnerships.

Postoplan Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program

Who can participate? Absolutely all registered users of Postoplan.

How it works: By registering on the Postoplan website, you are taken to your personal account, where you can get a personal referral link or an individual banner. If you have a website, you place a banner on it and get 50% of all customers who came from your website and bought the Postoplan paid plans. If you do not have a website, you copy your link and recommend the application to your friends and social networks and get 50% of the cost of the purchased tariffs from people who decided on your link. It's simple.

Postoplan Affiliate 10-Level Bonus System
10-Level Bonus System

In the personal account of the application, you can always see the number of people who followed your link, the number of purchased tariffs, the cost and size of your commission. Taking into account the fact that Postoplan is not greedy and gives partners 50 percent, the program is very popular.

The result of the review

The application is constantly being improved, becoming more convenient and functional. In addition, work is underway to connect new social networks such as TikTok.

Postoplan is rapidly expanding its presence worldwide, and it is quite reasonable to say - Postoplan is the best platform and an ideal posting tool for both ordinary users and freelancers, as well as for serious and large agencies.

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