Win Real Life Rewards with Bengga Play2Earn Game

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Bengga, a new Play2Earn game, is claiming its position in the burgeoning billion-dollar gaming business by delivering a diverse range of practical benefits to the average person, including digital products and cryptocurrency. Moreover, users don't have to be elite Esports athletes to earn money with Bengga, since the free software allows them to win real-life prizes while playing various games.

Win Real Life Rewards with Bengga Play2Earn Game
Win Real Life Rewards with Bengga Play2Earn Game

Bengga players are given coins that can be exchanged for money or monetary rewards. The concept is comparable to the Grab App Incentives Center and the streaming program Kumu, where users who use the app frequently earn extra rewards. Bengga, on the other hand, provides you with access to a regularly updated library of hundreds of mobile games.

The games in Bengga are classified as hyper-casual games, which are supposed to be simple, easy to play, and enormously interesting due to the minimal learning curve. Following a private beta stage, the app was released to the public on May 2. Bengga grew its userbase by 5,611 percent with PHP 0 advertising investment during the Public Beta. In Bengga, each user spends an average of 40 minutes every day playing games. As a result, the app's user base is rapidly growing, as indicated by its placement in the Top 45 Lifestyle Apps on the iOS App Store and the Top 65 Social Apps on the Google Play Store, both as of this week.

But what distinguishes Bengga in terms of form and function?

A New Way of Life Through Games

The number of people playing hyper-casual games has surged by 72 percent since the pandemic in March 2020. Before that, from December 2019 to March 2020, the number of downloads for hyper-casual games climbed by 103 percent. The research shows that consumers are becoming increasingly addicted to hyper-casual gaming, which Bengga wants to reward.

Is it possible that it's all too wonderful to be true? It isn't, according to Bengga. Instead, Bengga merely attempts to alleviate those bouts of gaming-induced boredom by providing an entertaining platform where everyone benefits.

It also helps that the Bengga team has many credibilities, with its key developers having over 20 years of experience developing mobile apps.

“We just want Bengga to be the platform that allows people to be compensated for having fun because time and effort are both limited,” says Troy Serafica, Bengga's Head of Games and Rewarding Experiences, who is also the founder of the Effort Economy, the blockchain project that Bengga is employing. “We're not really reinventing the wheel because video games are already a completely integrated part of our life. We're simply allowing folks to make the most of something that is already a big part of their daily routine.”

According to Enzo Serafica, Bengga's Head of Business Development and Partnerships, the quick growth of Bengga's user base demonstrates that the market is ready - and that by adding Bengga to the mix, the market will only grow.

Enzo responds, "The figures don't lie." “They also portend a bright future for Bengga.”
“People have desired an app like this for a long time,” he continues, “and we're finally providing it to them with Bengga.”

Enzo Serafica is certain of the numerous advantages that cooperation with Bengga can provide. For example, partners can immediately connect to Bengga's growing user base through the app's penetration modes, including nationwide acquisition and unique user activation.

Bengga also intends to promote NFT and cryptocurrency technologies to create game-centered economies that can boost brand engagement, revenue, and exclusive access to various things.

“All we want to do is introduce Filipino gamers to it,” Troy Serafica explains. “Crypto play is both the present and the future.”

Overall, Bengga aims to deliver a large-scale version of something that no other game software has ever done. Bengga's team believes that gamifying people's lives by offering immediate and real-world benefits is the way of the future, and they want to be first.

Bengga can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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