Shopee sold 45 million products in the first 99 minutes of 9.9 Super Shopping Day

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9.9 Super Shopping Day generated a lot of buzz on Shopee, the top e-commerce site in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, signifying a strong start to the year-end shopping season. Within the first 99 minutes, about 45 million products were sold. With 60 million vouchers claimed in the first two hours of the Mega Midnight Sale on September 9, shoppers saved even more. Shopee provided buyers with the broadest selection of products from local vendors as well as reputable brand partners.

Shopee sold 45 million products in the first 99 minutes of 9.9 Super Shopping Day
Shopee sold 45 million products in the first 99 minutes of 9.9 Super Shopping Day

“We are tremendously encouraged by the strong enthusiasm for 9.9 Super Shopping Day,” said Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines. We are honored to play a part in offering shoppers with additional value, choices, and entertainment from the comfort of their own homes, while also assisting more vendors and brands in connecting with their customers, while many communities continue to struggle with the current pandemic. For this year's holiday shopping season, we've got even more interesting promotions and events planned, and we're looking forward to assisting more businesses in capturing new growth opportunities and providing joy to customers through personalized, engaging, and social buying experiences.”

Shopee makes more people happy and helps more businesses grow.

Shopee's year-end shopping events continue to delight more shoppers and sellers each year. 9.9 was no exception, with 1.5 million things available during flash sales allowing customers to meet all of their needs at the best prices, as well as endless fun.

9.9 Super Shopping Day also boosted local MSMEs that had been harmed by the pandemic by bringing more enterprises online. Sellers who participated in 9.9 for the first time saw 8X more orders than on a normal day, thanks to Shopee's integrated ecosystem and marketing help.

Shopee strives to entice customers with fun activities.

With nonstop entertainment, including popular international and local personalities, interesting activities, and tempting incentives, Shopee offered engaging and unique experiences for shoppers on this 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Live streaming remained an important component of the online purchasing experience, and it was the preferred entertainment channel for many customers. Shoppers spent over 24 million hours on Shopee Live in the three weeks preceding up to September 9th, viewing various live streams, including an exclusive interview with Jackie Chan and exciting performances by leading K-Pop group TWICE.

Shoppers also spend more time on Shopee Prizes playing their favorite games. With 440 million shakes recorded, Shopee Shake, one of Shopee's distinctive games, has a unique Jackie Chan-themed twist, making it a big favorite. Other games, such as Spin & Win and Shopee Farm, were also popular, with a total of 4.5 billion gameplays on Shopee Prizes throughout the course of the campaign.

Shoppers were also extremely engaged and participated in a range of fun challenges and thrilling giveaways on Shopee's social media channels, with a total of 70 million engagements across the area, in addition to Shopee's in-app features.

Highlights from the Philippines' 9.9 Super Shopping Day

The commencement of the year-end shopping season was enthusiastically received by Filipinos. In Metro Manila alone, approximately 9.5 million products were sold in an hour at its height. The Mega Midnight Sale, which ran from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m., saw a threefold increase in consumers compared to a typical day, as Filipinos picked up several incredible bargains.

Filipinos are buying a wide range of things, from health basics to home remodeling items. On 9.9 Super Shopping Day, shoppers largely purchased Home & Living items to freshen up their houses, as well as Health & Personal Care essentials to keep them safe and healthy. With over 1.9 million items sold, shoppers prioritized stocking up on a range of face masks. Over 300,000 items were sold in categories such as wallpaper decor. Customers opted to shop locally for home and fashion items, with Filipino retailers WILLET, grocerysale.no1, and ABUBOT PH selling the most.

Personal care and tech brands offered the best prices to shoppers, with Uni-Care, Xiaomi, and NIVEA topping the list of top brands with the most orders. In addition, Filipinos benefited from these brands' flash sales, up to 50% off discounts and freebies.

ShopeePay offers Filipinos a seamless online and offline shopping experience. Filipinos are increasingly using digital payment methods for improved convenience, security, and value, both online and offline, according to Shopee. In fact, many offline retailers in the country have used ShopeePay to provide a smooth payment experience, including Puregold, Potato Corner, Jollibee, BonChon, Gong Cha, and CoCo. Compared to the previous year, the Philippines had a 57X increase in the number of offline businesses on 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Shopee is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Shopee Kicks Off 9.9 Super Shopping Day with International Superstar Jackie Chan (8/27/21)

Shopee, Southeast Asia's and Taiwan's premier e-commerce site, is kicking off the most exciting year-end shopping season with its unique 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Shopee also welcomes international superstar Jackie Chan, who will be featured in various activities across Shopee's end-of-year shopping festivals, as part of its biggest and most action-packed shopping season yet.

Shopee Kicks Off 9.9 Super Shopping Day with International Superstar Jackie Chan
Shopee Kicks Off 9.9 Super Shopping Day with International Superstar Jackie Chan

“I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces,” Jackie Chan added. It's an honor to collaborate with Shopee to commemorate the joyful year-end celebration and bring even more joy to my followers and Shopee users. I had a great time working with Shopee, and I believe that the activities and information we created together will appeal to people of all ages. I hope everyone can join us in making this year's holiday shopping season one to remember.”

In 2016, Shopee created the first 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Every year, it heralds the start of the region's much-anticipated year-end shopping season. According to a Shopee survey, over 90% of users across the region actively seek out information to help them make smarter purchasing selections during the promotions. The holiday shopping season also attracts new online customers, with 43% of shoppers making their first online purchase during the year-end sales.

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Shopee has put together the finest offers and activities from now till September 9. Shoppers can fulfill all of their purchasing needs, win fantastic prizes from their favorite games on Shopee Prizes, and enjoy nonstop entertainment with celebrity appearances.

“The pandemic continues to effect both individuals and businesses,” said Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines. We've increased our efforts to ensure consumers have access to their daily requirements through our shopping campaigns as communities continue to live, work, buy, and play from home. We're also devoted to supporting local SMEs, and we've established a number of support initiatives, as well as Support Local campaigns, to raise awareness and make it easier for people to find and support local businesses. During this year-end season, we hope to impart some joy to our local communities.”

1. Get all of the best discounts in one location.

On top of these incredible incentives, consumers may enjoy free delivery with no minimum purchase, 20% cashback, and Daily 1 Deals on 9.9 Super Shopping Day:
  • Lowest price bargains - Shopee's exclusive 'Daily 1 Deals' microsite, which can be found easily from Shopee's home page, allows users to find the hottest products with the biggest discounts all in one spot.
  • Mega Midnight Sale - Shopee is bringing back the 2-hour Midnight Mega Sale after its popularity during the inaugural 4.4 Mega Shopping Day. From 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. on September 9, shoppers may get exceptional bargains on thousands of products, including those from Shopee Mall.
  • With ShopeePay, you'll get more incentives. Users can enjoy exclusive promotions and deals by using ShopeePay, Shopee's in-app e-wallet, as part of Shopee's mission to provide a convenient, secure, and rewarding shopping experience. All users have to do is use ShopeePay to pay for their purchases in thousands of branches across the country from participating merchants, both online and offline. For example, until September 8, buyers may Buy Load for only 1 and get 5 mobile data; Pay Bills for up to 50% cashback on Meralco, Maynilad, and other brands; and Scan to Pay for ShopeePay 1 Deals from Puregold, Seaoil, Potato Corner, and other brands.

2. Meet all of your shopping requirements

Shopee has a wide range of products, from everyday necessities to high-end stuff. Shopee has something for everyone, with millions of brands and sellers and a large network of online and offline partners.
  • Shopee Mall Big Brand Discounts - Users can expect excellent deals from their favorite brands on Shopee's specialized in-app portal for legitimate brands, in addition to daily merchandise. 91 percent of shoppers say big shopping campaigns allowed them to find and buy brands they had never tried before, and 75 percent said they were more likely to stick with these new brands rather than return to their old ones. Shoppers can anticipate up to 30% off brand vouchers and up to 90% off on top brands, including Abbott, Havaianas, Maybelline, NestlĂ©, Colgate-Palmolive,, Del Monte, Unilever Beauty, Adidas, P&G Beauty, Enfagrow, Huawei, Vivo, Pampers, Realme, and Xiaomi during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day.
  • Support Local Companies - The epidemic has had a significant impact on local businesses. This holiday shopping season, people can help these small-town merchants recover and prosper. Users may support the local economy and maintain local culture by shopping at stores like Abubot PH, Joy Marcelo RTW Clothing, Via Christi, Tazanna, and Tala by Kyla through the Pili Pinoy campaign.

3. Enjoy nonstop entertainment with your favorite celebrities, thrilling games, and enticing prizes.

Users continue to be entertained and delighted by Shopee's in-app engagement elements. In the first half of 2021, Shopee saw a year-over-year increase of over 200 percent in time spent on Shopee Live. In addition, Shopee will bring upsized excitement on 9.9 Super Shopping Day with a lineup of the biggest superstars, engaging games, and tempting rewards.
  • Jackie Chan is set to enthrall and amuse shoppers. Shopee is bringing in international superstar Jackie Chan to be a part of their year-end shopping season this year, generating a lot of buzz around the region. In addition, Shopee Live features exclusive content and in-app games, including Shopee Spin & Win, Shopee Shake, and the newest Shopee Collectibles.
  • The 9.9 Super Shopping Day TV Special will feature big giveaways and performances. Viewers can tune in to GMA 7 and Shopee Live on September 9 for a chance to win millions in cash prizes and freebies, including two house and lot packages. A leading K-Pop group will also perform for the audience.
  • Shopee Prizes - Exciting rewards from games - On Shopee Prizes, users may look forward to collecting goodies from their favorite games. Shopee Collectibles, where users may win super-sized gifts by collecting the entire set of in-game objects, will be a highlight this year. Users can earn stuff by playing popular games like Shopee Farm and Shopee Candy or exchanging with their friends.

More information on 9.9 Super Shopping Day can be found at Shopee is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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