Kimstore, a trailblazing tech hub, gives back to prospective businesses

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As one of the country's pioneering IT businesses celebrates its 15th year, Kimstore founder Kim Lato wishes to give back and pay forward to the community that helped Kimstore become the brand it is today.

Kimstore, a trailblazing tech hub, gives back to prospective businesses
Kimstore partners as they delivered messages for the 15th year celebration of the brand (Left to right) Secretary Ramon Lopez of the DTI, Josiah Go of Mansmith and Fielders, Bo Sanchez of The Feast, Jay Bernardo of Bayan Academy, Amor Maclang of Digital Pilipinas, Dick Chiang of Dragonpay, and Mimi Ong (Host).

She now wants to aid ambitious start-up companies and promote other small business merchants through various initiatives, motivated by her desire to provide Filipinos with affordable tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices. She hopes to expand her own logistics platform in the future, make partnerships with educational institutions for e-Commerce masterclasses, and work with Filipino IT professionals to develop and produce Pinoy-branded products that can compete globally.

"Kimstore consistently demonstrates itself as the country's go-to, pinupuntahan talaga pag dating sa online store for quality electronics," said Secretary Ramon Lopez of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) during the brand's virtual 15th Anniversary Celebration, alongside other Kimstore partners. He also applauded their efforts to give clients with the best possible pricing and to hire Filipinos. Finally, he wished them long-term prosperity and success in the years ahead.

Lato launched the company while still a sophomore at De La Salle University, making her an early online commerce pioneer. As a computer enthusiast who conducted regular web searches, she realized that many of these technological devices were mostly sold by foreigners at a price many Filipinos could not afford. Lato wanted to present her fellow Filipinos with a better option: a Filipino internet shop that offered high-end equipment at inexpensive costs, at a time when the now-defunct Multiply reigned the burgeoning social media. "Our desire to provide Filipinos with access to these technologies is what has actually inspired us to work harder," Lato says.

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Because she was a woman and a pioneer of Philippine online selling, she found it difficult to persuade people to buy her equipment at first. However, she overcame the concerns and fears of the buying public via hard work, dedication, and the creation of a very personalized experience for her clientele. Other businesses were inspired to follow Kimstore's lead as more customers purchased high-quality, low-cost devices.

From its small Tondo office to its current Quezon City office and Valenzuela warehouse, Kimstore has remained one of the country's most respected and trusted online gadget stores for the past 15 years. To share the joy, they've been running deals like Shop and Celebrate at Kimstore with PayMaya, 11.11 and 15.15 Deals, Payday Sale, Free Shipping Specials, Crystal Anniversary Sale, and Black Friday Sale since the beginning of November.

"Despite the challenges we've faced in the past, we continue to serve our customers by offering excellent customer service," Lato said of the company's 15-year history. From our humble beginnings at that McDonald's near the university, to our journeys through social media like Multiply and Facebook, and ending in our very own, we've evolved as the country's first and largest e-Commerce shopping store for tech and gadgets."

For further information, go to Kimstore's official website.

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