LG's QNED TV is the pinnacle of LCD TV innovation

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With the arrival of the QNED TV, LG ups the ante once more. The latest TV from the South Korean electronics behemoth combines the most cutting-edge advancements into an attractive package. This TV, dubbed the LG QNED MiniLED, heralds the start of a new age for LCD televisions. To create an entirely new TV experience, the display blends a mini-LED screen with Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology. On a magnificent ultra-large screen, enhanced brightness, near-perfect blacks, and dazzling color are displayed. This is the peak of LCD television.

LG's QNED TV is the pinnacle of LCD TV innovation
LG's QNED TV is the pinnacle of LCD TV innovation

As televisions become larger and larger, the details must become smaller. Nearly 2,500 unique dimming zones provide fine lighting adjustment and an ultra-high contrast ratio, while approximately 30,000 MiniLEDs provide brighter and clearer visuals. Even in the darkest scenes, this makes blacks darker and colors more vibrant, resulting in a more detailed image. Compared to traditional LCD TVs, the result is a higher level of detail and more accurate color reproduction. LG QNED MiniLED TVs are certified by worldwide product testing organization Intertek to provide 100% color volume and color constancy across a broad viewing angle, guaranteeing that everyone in the room can enjoy the best in LCD picture quality.

Dot Quantum With the combined strength of NanoCell Plus and Quantum Dot, NanoCell Technology creates a more striking image. Color reproduction is improved with this unique blend of technology, resulting in richer and more realistic colors. The enhanced display technology of the LG QNED MiniLED enhances whites and darkens blacks for an ultra-high-quality image. This is how the LG QNED MiniLED brings all of your favorite content to life. The color reproduction on the new TV has been precisely engineered to capture a broader spectrum and more vibrant hues. This ensures that everything you view looks just as it should.

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Because this is LG's greatest LCD TV, it must offer the highest possible resolution. LG QNED MiniLED combines a high pixel density with our all-new Quantum Dot NanoCell Technology for a stunningly realistic 8K picture that is more detailed than ever, even on a large screen. With a CM level of 95.8%, the LG QNED is certified 8K Ultra HD and even exceeds international standards, making a brilliant picture even more remarkable.

LG's QNED MiniLED is elegantly designed to complement your home decor. Every size of LG QNED MiniLED hangs flush against your wall, thanks to reduced bezels and a compact, slender chassis optimized for wall mounting. This means that even the largest TV will fit precisely in your area, transforming your house into a work of art.

LG's most popular TV advancements are also included in the LG QNED MiniLED. It has Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for strong multi-dimensional surround sound, as well as FILMMAKER MODE for an authentic cinematic experience and a Game Optimizer tool for your gaming demands.

"The LG QNED MiniLED TV is an evolutionary step ahead, combining LG's distinctive color reproduction technology and mini-LED illumination to attain the pinnacle of LCD picture quality," stated Sungjae Kim, Managing Director of LG Philippines. "Our newest portfolio demonstrates LG's technological supremacy in the premium TV industry, which is made possible by our groundbreaking OLED and QNED MiniLED TVs, which we are constantly enhancing and refining."

To learn more about upcoming launches and new promotions, visit LG's official website at lg.com/ph and their official social media outlets.

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