vivo unveils color-changing vlogging phones, the V23e and the V23 5G; starts at Php19,999

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People can show their personalities in various ways with the vivo V23 Series. The phone's color changes from Sunshine Gold to a gorgeous aquamarine hue when exposed to UV light, which is the phone's initial distinguishing feature. It refreshes the phone's look and transforms it into a trendy mirror selfie accessory.

vivo unveils color-changing vlogging phones, the V23e and the V23 5G; starts at Php19,999
vivo unveils color-changing vlogging phones, the V23e, and the V23 5G; starts at Php19,999

As digital natives, Gen Zs like using the latest technology to share their opinions and passions on social media. The revolutionary design of the V23 Series allows them to experiment with many creative approaches, such as personalizing their phone's color-changing casing or creating content for their pages.

The V23 Series is a line of vlogging phones that has taken the front camera to new heights. It contains a 50MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera for clear, natural-looking selfies and videos and an 8MP Super-Wide Angle Camera for fitting multiple people into group photographs. The 64MP Auto-Focus Rear Bokeh Flare Portrait Camera, on the other hand, is great for landscape photographs. Photos and videos will appear crystal clear in low-light situations thanks to the built-in proprietary JNV Sensor Chip.

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The V23 Series has a vast memory space and processing power in addition to its excellent cameras. It includes 12GB + 256GB RAM with Extended 4GB RAM, which ensures that there is adequate capacity for media and the power to run numerous applications simultaneously. The phone also offers Dual 5G Sim slots for all of the user's contacts.

Any battery will be severely depleted after hours of vlogging. The V23 Series, on the other hand, includes a 6NM Flagship Chip that reduces power usage while keeping a better user interface and a 44W Fast Charge to swiftly charge the phone.

Users can get first dibs on the V23 Series in February. From February 5 through February 19, 2022, vivo offers limited vouchers and freebies at Shopee. The V23e is available for P19,999 with a P500 off voucher and free Lavanda TWS earphones and the V23 5G is available for P27,999 with a P500 off voucher and free 2in1 clock speaker. Freebies will be offered for both models until supplies last.

Don't miss out on these great discounts and get a taste of the V23 Series' power. The V23e and V23 5G smartphones will be available online via Lazada at or Shopee at

The V23 Series is also available for pre-order through vivo shops and kiosks across the country.

Today's youth prioritize self-expression and the development of their passions; thus, they require a device that can meet all of their content creation requirements. Budding and professional creators now have a sleek "it" phone with amazing vlogging features that will allow them to display their true authentic self with the vivo V23 Series.

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While millennials are known as "digital natives," Generation Z is characterized as "digital junkies." This generation of young people has been completely immersed in the digital world. So, if they're going to buy a smartphone on their own, their decision-making criteria will almost certainly come from the perspective of a seasoned smartphone user.

Step up your vlog game with vivo’s newest smartphones - the V23e and the V23 5G
Step up your vlog game with vivo’s newest smartphones - the V23e and the V23 5G

More than that, Gen Zs are constantly on the lookout for "the next big thing" — the newest designs, the trendiest fads, and the newest equipment that can keep up with their daily demands. As a well-known pioneer and innovator in the IT industry, vivo introduces a new game-changer to the market. The V23 series — a sleek and robust line of smartphones meant to let the younger market express their colors — raises optimism for the electronics sector.

The soon-to-be-released vivo flagship smartphone is expected to feature a 50-megapixel autofocus front vlog camera, an 8-megapixel super wide-angle camera, a 64-megapixel triple rear camera, and a unique JNV sensor that catches the light at a faster rate.

Users may take well-lit selfies and movies with the 50-megapixel front camera. Meanwhile, its 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera allows more people to be included in group images while maintaining excellent lighting, especially in low light. The 64-megapixel back camera, on the other hand, offers a more intelligent approach to taking HD photos and films. Its AI recognizes vital aspects in a subject's face and accentuates its greatest features automatically.

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With all of these features included in the vivo V23 Series, customers may expect to have a better view of their lives. Vivo, on the other hand, does not stop at camera functions. It not only allows individuals to share and recall their tales in vivid detail, but it also supports them with high-performance memory and battery functions. The vivo V23 comes with 12GB + 256GB RAM and a 4GB ROM. This implies that when the smartphone is busy, the technology "borrows" an extra 4GB of memory to process the data, allowing users to run many apps simultaneously.

The vivo V23 also includes a 44W Fast Charge function and a 6nm Flagship Chip that consumes less power. With this, users may keep their smartphones charged for the entire day on a single full charge.

The vivo V23e and V23 5G are the two models of the vivo V23 series. Their bodies are 7.55mm thin and manufactured of AG Fluorite Glass with a unique aluminum coating that is both attractive and comfortable to hold.

Make the vivo V23 series, the company's newest flagship product, your next vlogging smartphone. Follow vivo Philippines' official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to stay up to speed on the release date and other news.

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