With the 13th Insights Report, AutoDeal propels PHL automotive e-commerce forward.

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The automotive sector is undergoing significant upheaval because of connectivity, electrification, and digitization of the consumer experience. Customers expect seamless digital experiences from e-commerce and when purchasing a car, where they anticipate a personalized, multi-channel trip.

With the 13th Insights Report, AutoDeal propels PHL automotive e-commerce forward.
With the 13th Insights Report, AutoDeal propels PHL automotive e-commerce forward.

AutoDeal takes satisfaction in contributing to the modernization of the customer experience for local car buyers in the Philippines. AutoDeal has allowed consumers to evaluate vehicles, find special discounts, and complete numerous phases of the car-buying process online since 2014. Consumers may receive the best price on brand new vehicles by comparing offers from multiple dealers by simply going to the AutoDeal website once a month. This allows buyers to trade rapidly with sales representatives who have been trained and vetted through a network of official partner dealers. "As automotive retail moves toward digital, AutoDeal is receiving more customers every day, which leads to greater sales for our partners every year," says Daniel Scott, CEO, and Co-Founder of AutoDeal. In 2021, AutoDeal was able to deliver approximately P28 billion in sales to their partners from 24,835 buyers."

To help raise the level of digital commerce, AutoDeal also assists in reporting consumer trends, insights, and comments directly to essential participants in the automobile sector. According to Christopher Franks, co-founder of AutoDeal, "the platform provides improved access to massive volumes of data, which leads to more money left in consumers' pockets." "AutoDeal's extensive insights into how automotive customers to shop make it a critical component in assisting the auto industry's evolution at a time when automotive firms are being forced to change business models and organizational structures to remain competitive in the market."

The data collected through the AutoDeal platform is published annually in the AutoDeal Industry Insights Report.

The research, which was released in 2016, looked at the health of the automobile business and gave statistics and expert analysis to support AutoDeal's position on why innovation was necessary for the customer journey. AutoDeal had noticed high levels of customer dissatisfaction in the years leading up to the report, which was caused by easily fixable frustrations such as dealers not responding to online inquiries or access to critical purchase information not being readily available until customers entered a showroom. In the years since, AutoDeal has incorporated technology that has increased dealership response times, transparency, and sales conversion all at the same time. The report was created in 2016 to allow brands to compare their online commerce KPIs to those of other industry leaders. Today, automotive executives regard AutoDeal's Insights Report as one of the most relevant, accurate, and simply accessible sources of automotive market knowledge, as it delves into industry-disrupting elements and situations.

As the country continues to recover from the pandemic's impacts, AutoDeal is pleased to announce the release of AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021 Complete Insights. AutoDeal investigates performance parameters related to the Philippine automobile industry's recovery in this 13th issue. The research also contains a complete overview of customer data acquired via the AutoDeal and MotoDeal platforms in 2021, which is essential information for manufacturers selling autos online. The report's most notable findings included leads by market segment, leads by geography, leads by device, inquiry and buying trends, and the most often requested brands. Simply go to https://bit.ly/2021ADInsights or https://www.autodeal.com.ph/industry-insights/ and download AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021 Complete Insights to learn how the local car and motorcycle market performed in 2021 and to learn about improving metrics that are helping to shed light on the industry's road to recovery.

AutoDeal is now more powerful than ever. It currently has 16 automotive brands as partners, with over 400 new car dealerships and over 2000 sales agent partners. Furthermore, the website receives an average of 2.7 million monthly visits, generates around 25,000 leads per month, and contributes to about 2000 industry transactions every month. These data demonstrate why AutoDeal is the Philippines' largest automotive network and leading online automotive marketplace.

Visit autodeal.com.ph and their social media outlets to discover more about AutoDeal, the Philippines' leading online automobile marketplace.
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