The function of printed materials in today's modern hybrid classroom

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Educators have understood that digitally-enabled instruction is critical for today's students throughout the school. While students had to adapt to new tools and technology in the classroom and beyond, they also discovered that the time-honored process of reading from a printed page has permanent worth. This is especially important in the Philippines, where schools are gradually transitioning to physical classes through a new hybrid and adaptable setup.

The function of printed materials in today's modern hybrid classroom
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Students do better in terms of comprehension and retention when the material is delivered in print, according to studies. Many people find it difficult to concentrate when using digital tools that demand frequent scrolling, which can result in skimming and fragmented learning. Despite the epidemic and the rise of online learning, print remains useful in a wide range of school settings with students of all ages—from kindergarten to higher education.

Educators require school printers that are economical, convenient, and high performing to make the printed page and its benefits more accessible to pupils.

"As print technologies advance, it's crucial to assess each classroom's unique printing demands and select printers that will help students develop creative and critical thinking abilities," said Ed Bonoan, General Manager, Epson Philippines' Marketing Division. "As a worldwide technology leader, Epson provides a diverse range of solutions for businesses of all sizes." Our current inkjet technology is the trusted partner for keeping the post-pandemic classroom productive and interested."

Inkjet technology is a must-have in today's classroom.

Teachers must re-learn how to balance sticking to the syllabus while remaining creative with their lessons and keeping the class engaged as institutions progressively welcome students back to campus. This, along with a limited amount of time and money, are just a few of the challenges they may face throughout the school year. Educators require printers that can help them make the most of every dollar in their budget and every second of their day, and Epson inkjet can help them do just that.

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Epson Business Inkjet printers not only offer low-cost, high-quality color printing and quick turnaround times, but they also help to reduce energy use over time.

"Some models have the lowest-cost color printing in their class," Bonoan noted, "while Epson's PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechnologyTM eliminates the need for heat in the ink ejection process." "This eliminates the need to warm a toner drum before printing, resulting in significant power savings during warm-up and active operation."

Epson Business inkjet printers are designed for efficiency, dependability, and endurance, with unique technology that eliminates the need for heat in the ejection process and minimal moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance downtime.

The solution to a high-performing class is centralized and distributed printing.

With policy and regulatory changes amid a pandemic, today's schools have a wide range of printing requirements. On the one hand, from the teachers' lounge or administrative office, educators must print course materials on time, in mass, and in brilliant color. On the other hand, providing teachers with the convenience of in-classroom printers can be useful. This is critical for the Philippines, as the hybrid program necessitates a high demand for high-performance, easy-to-use print technology for both home and school use.

"The Epson Business Inkjet line makes it easy for institutions to pick the correct printer for their needs," Bonoan stated. "This can take many forms—be it a powerful and efficient workhorse in a centralized location that delivers high print volumes in full color at the lowest power consumption in its class, or an impressive model that brings high-productivity color printing into virtually any classroom with no warm-up time, or a low-cost, low-maintenance print solution for home-schoolers."

Maintaining the importance of the printed page in the classroom

Printing still has a lot of value in the modern classroom, even at the dawn of the digital age. From syllabi and homework to announcements and display items, high-performance inkjet printers keep both students and teachers engaged in school activities.

"In the Philippines, where the educational system is undergoing yet another major transformation, these high-quality and efficient digital solutions enable teachers to perform at their best, and encourage students to stay involved in learning and work toward their goals," Bonoan added. "The possibilities are unlimited with Epson's Business Inkjet solutions."

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