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Monday, June 6, 2022

The new HUAWEI P50 goes above and beyond expectations.

To make a classic, you have to go beyond what has been done before and reach new heights. Since the beginning, each generation of the HUAWEI P Series has been the perfect mix of technology, good looks, and intelligent photography. The P Series, especially the P50 line, has always been a symbol of life's beauty and the never-ending quest for better mobile imaging technology. With the release of the HUAWEI P50, a flagship phone that will round out the P50 Series, a new era of innovation in mobile photography has begun.

The new HUAWEI P50 goes above and beyond expectations.
The new HUAWEI P50 goes above and beyond expectations.

Simple elegance that looks beautiful
The HUAWEI P50's sleek, simple design shows that less is more. Its clean lines and geometric shape give it a simple elegance that makes you want to take a second look.

Huawei made a smartphone with a centered body and has smooth, rounded corners using geometry and pure design theory. This phone is as lovely to hold as it is to look at. The HUAWEI P50 has a petite body of 156.5mm x 73.8mm x 7.92mm and weighs 181g. Its large screen and long-lasting battery fit into a small space. It's thinner and lighter than the ones that came before it, so it feels better and fits better in your hand. The sides are made to make them easier to hold and more comfortable to use. The device also has an IP68 rating, which means it can handle water and dust well enough.

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Documenting the beauty of life: Huawei has always been focused on making the best cameras and taking the best pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the HUAWEI P50 camera with its 50MP True-Chroma Camera, 12MP Telephoto Camera, 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, 10-Channel Multi-Spectrum Sensor, and 80x Zoom Range is a surefire way to get your message across.

The new HUAWEI P50 also works with HUAWEI XD Optics, just like the P50 Series Line. With this ground-breaking technology, image processing is added to the optical imaging system. This corrects the optical differences and brings back the details in images to boost the image signal by up to 25 percent.

HUAWEI XD Optics works with the XD Fusion Pro Engine to let in more light than ever before. This lets it capture patterns and textures with more detail and clarity than ever before. It also makes it easier to tell the difference between close and far objects. The higher-level AIS Pro works with OIS to bring True-Steady Shot. This lets you get rid of blurry images for good, as it brings them into their sharpest focus.

With the HUAWEI P50's True-Chroma Image Engine, you can also see the world in its true colors. This is made possible by a color filter system that finds the tiny differences between different shades of the same color and shows them perfectly on the screen. This lets the camera capture the world in all its glorious colors.

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Control more than one thing as if it were only one.
To bring the digital world to life, the HUAWEI P50 uses the EMUI 12 operating system, which, with the help of the HUAWEI Super Device, gives users a smooth and easy-to-use experience. Its complete set of smart features, such as Huawei Share, Distributed file management, and Smartwatch Remote Control Camera, make it easier to get around in the digital world.

The longevity of battery life is impressive.
The HUAWEI P50 comes with a big 4,100 mAh battery, so you don't have to worry about your phone dying at a wrong time. This flagship-class battery life is also helped by the 66 W HUAWEI SuperCharge, which charges the battery very quickly and gets anyone back to work just as quickly.

Every part of the HUAWEI P50 is made to ensure that it works well and is easy to use. Get yours now for only PHP 39,999 from the HUAWEI Online Store, Lazada, or Shopee and see a world full of color. Get the chance to take home a free HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i worth PHP 3,599 and free App Benefits worth PHP 1,496 (while supplies last).

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