Still haven't decided what to present your father for Father's Day? Here are 19 Shopee treasures for all kinds of fathers!

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Have you bought your father a Father's Day gift yet? You're not alone if this isn't the case. We all know how difficult it is to treat our fathers, who have always taken care of us and never ask for anything. The good news is that you can find just about everything these days on the internet, including the ideal gift for your grandfather.

Shopee is also having a Father's Day Sale, which allows consumers to save even more money on a wide range of Father's Day gifts! Check out this list of gift ideas for all kinds of dads:

This Memory Foam Neck Pillow is going to be his new best buddy for dads who can doze off anywhere, at any time. When your dad is on the go, he can turn his naps into profound slumbers thanks to the soft cotton and foam composition.

A Portable Large BBQ Grill Station is the way to go for parents who are grill masters at home. With this simple to assemble grill station, your father can cook the best steaks and burgers that will bring the family together on weekends.

Consider this Active 16kg Kettlebell for dads who are health and fitness enthusiasts. This kettlebell can be used for a variety of exercises that improve endurance, strength, and flexibility in your elderly relative.

Get your dad the Platinum Karaoke Machine to serenade your mother and give him, even more, cause to shout out powerful love songs and rock anthems. This sophisticated karaoke system has the ability to keep all of the best songs from any era.

For dads who binge-watch TV shows and movies, a CHiQ 42-inch Smart TV is a must-have. He'll be able to watch his favorite movies and shows in high-definition with Dolby Audio. This Smart TV will elevate your movie nights to new heights.

For sports-obsessed dads, a pair of Peak Basketball Shoes can be given to him to wear when hooping with fellow titos at your local court. For dads who believe "Ball is Life!" this unique sneaker with lightning cushion sole is very comfortable to play in.

The Active Life Polo Shirt is a fantastic addition to the wardrobe for dads who are constantly on point with their style. Because it's a timeless piece of apparel that never goes out of style, you may dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

For dads who enjoy K-POP as much as you do — Is your father as enamored of Korean culture as you are? Then get him this OXGN Korean Inspired T-Shirt in navy blue, mustard, or black, which will turn him into a true K-POP lover everywhere he goes.

The Swisse Skin Exfoliator is a terrific present for dads who like to be well-groomed and pampered. This skin care essential eliminates dead skin cells and shows smooth, soft, and supple skin, allowing your father to continue to defy aging.

Check out the Lixada Camping Backpack for dads who love the great outdoors. He may use it on hikes, camping vacations, and other experiences away from the city. He can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while carrying all of his camping essentials in this 50-liter bag.

Let him explore biker hotspots and bond with like-minded people while wearing this Motorcycle Jersey for dads who appreciate the excitement of motorcycling. While traveling down the highway, this jersey will keep him cool and flexible.

With a 150pc Home Tool Set, parents who are the house handymen can take pride in fixing leaking pipes, damaged walls, or any other typical domestic problem. Dad will be thrilled to utilize it for electrical and construction jobs around the house.

Pick up a new cleaning item for dads who are neat freaks with the CEENZIMO Cordless Air Duster. This high-pressured duster will blow away any dirt that has accumulated in his valuable devices or tools.

Make a steamy cup of coffee for dads who can't live without it with a new Hoba French Press. Dad will be overjoyed to get his caffeine fix via a traditional brewing method to start the day.

Why not honor dads who are huge bosses at work with an Imperial Horse Leather Belt that will go well with their business suits and everyday corporate attire? They do deserve something good for all of their efforts.

Upgrade your gaming set-up with a sleek new pair of Razer Blackshark Gaming Headphones for dads who never outgrew their gaming phase. The noise-canceling technology incorporated into the headphones will make late-night and weekend gaming sessions more immersive.

Show your admiration for dads who express themselves through art by surprising them with a SeamiArt Paint Brush. It's constructed of nylon hair, which will help them perfect their smooth paint strokes like a pro.

Make sure he's outfitted with a gadget that meets his lifestyle needs, such as the Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch, for dads who keep up with the latest trendy technology. Over 60 settings and features are included in this lightweight and robust watch to keep dad's health and wellness under check.

For non-techie dads who don't know how to shop online — There's no better gift than showing them how to use applications and features that make life easier! Sit down with Pops this Father's Day to help him set up his Shopee account and tell him how to explore for goods he might like. If your father still uses cash, go above and above to help him become more tech-savvy by enabling ShopeePay, Shopee's integrated mobile wallet, so he can earn more rewards when shopping. Send him money for free using ShopeePay Ang Pao to kickstart his online adventure.

When you visit Shopee's Father's Day Sale on June 19, you can get even more wonderful gifts for your father. You can also start your Father's Day present shopping early at the Father's Day Fair, which is open through June 14 and offers up to 90% off other dad goods.

Check out during the June 15 Payday Sale for even greater savings on your dad's presents! When you check out things here, you can get 10% off vouchers, shipping discount vouchers, and 100% bill cashback.

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