ABS-CBN Foundation and GCash join together to reforest the La Mesa Watershed.

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The La Mesa Watershed's conservation, reforestation, and enrichment efforts will continue thanks to a partnership between the ABS-CBN Foundation and GCash. Through this agreement, GCash is making good on its promise to plant 160,000 trees in La Mesa as part of its GForest "2.3 million by 2023" initiative.

ABS-CBN Foundation and GCash join together to reforest the La Mesa Watershed.
ABS-CBN Foundation and GCash join together to reforest the La Mesa Watershed.

A boost to the Foundation's ongoing efforts to preserve and improve the La Mesa Watershed, the main supply of drinking water for Metro Manila's 12 million residents, is provided by GCash's GForest commitment, which will cover 220 hectares alone in 2022.

Although 1,500 hectares of the Watershed have been replanted since 1999, the Foundation actively engages in preservation, reforestation, and enrichment efforts with partners and benefactors from all spheres of society to guarantee the La Mesa Watershed's vitality for future generations.

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ABS-CBN Foundation Managing Director Roberta Lopez-Feliciano remarked, "We are thrilled to cooperate with GCash to achieve our joint goal of environmental stewardship through reforestation. "We shall keep pursuing our shared vision of a greener and brighter future for all Filipinos together with other organizations and communities."

The sustainability component of GCash, GForest, is a driving force behind nationwide reforestation initiatives. This groundbreaking innovation recently surpassed the 1 million tree milestone and plans to plant 2.3 million trees by 2023.

"We are pleased to collaborate with the ABS-CBN Foundation in our efforts to protect the environment. Beyond raising awareness about sustainability, GForest has had a noticeable effect on the nation's reforestation initiatives. According to Martha Sazon, president and chief executive officer of GCash, "We think that each tree donated by GForest has a snowball effect to create significant waves of beneficial impact in the nation.

Leaders from the ABS-CBN Foundation and GCash were present for the ceremonial tree planting that marked the beginning of the "2.3 million trees by 2023" cooperation at La Mesa Watershed on July 4.

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