Enter your vlogger era with the all-rounder vivo Y76 5G

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Enter your vlogger era with the all-rounder vivo Y76 5G

Get your hands on this ultimate multimedia gear for only P14,999

Enter your vlogger era with the all-rounder vivo Y76 5G
Enter your vlogger era with the all-rounder vivo Y76 5G

Everyone seems to be into vlogging nowadays, and it's becoming more and more common for all of us to see people in the streets recording what a day in their lives looks like or doing a dance challenge. In a way, this era of social media and content creation continues to encourage people to show their individuality and creativity. Vlogging has become so mainstream that for some, it isn't just a hobby anymore – it's already their career.

Enter your vlogger era with the all-rounder vivo Y76 5G
vivo Y76 5G

So, what's stopping you from finally opening your own TikTok page or YouTube channel? Kickstart your vlogging era by getting yourself the right gear. We list down five must-haves for beginner vloggers and how the vivo Y76 5G wraps up all of these gizmos in one bang-for-the-buck smartphone.

Shine with the right lights.

Nothing beats the glow that the golden hour of the day brings. Remember to use natural light to your advantage if you're looking at content to be shot outdoors. It's best to shoot at the last hour of light before sunset.

vivo Y76 5G 50MP triple main camera
50MP triple main camera

For indoor shoots, your best friend is a good set of rechargeable lights. There are different kinds of lights but remember to pick what's ideal for the type of content you want to post and invest in what will make your videos easy on the eyes of the viewers.

When it comes to producing high-quality photos and videos, you can count on the vivo Y76 5G. For an affordable price, this device offers an advanced camera system that's almost at par with pricier smartphones.

With vivo Y76 5G's primary rear camera, you don't have to worry about taking photos and videos in low light or at night. This smartphone has an Ultra Nightscape mode that's activated automatically in dim-lit scenes. It intelligently utilizes algorithms for brighter and clearer photos taken under low light areas.

The vivo Y76 5G also has a plethora of photography and videography modes with its 50-megapixel triple AI camera setup designed to capture sharp scenes and dynamic details.

This smartphone has a Dual View Video feature that allows you to simultaneously shoot videos from the front and back camera, creating an instant vlogger edit. The vivo Y76 5G also has Electronic Image Stabilization for clearer, blur-free shots and clips. You can explore other camera features of the vivo Y76 5G to expand your creativity: Double Exposure Photo, Camera Eye Autofocus, Bokeh, Macro, Ultra Nightscape, Slow Motion, and Live Photo, to name a few.

Stability is key.

The key to making your videos appear professional is veering away from shaky shots. For this, you need a trusty tripod. These extra "legs" are also helpful in shooting different angles and adjusting your framing. If you're also into photography, a tripod can make your shots a whole lot better, especially in long exposures, as it prevents blurry action photos.

If you want to temporarily skip buying a tripod, you can opt to buy smartphones equipped with image stabilization instead. With the vivo Y76 5G, capturing dynamic scenes and photos isn't a problem as this smartphone carries Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). This feature ensures camera stability, resulting in blur-free photos and steady videos.

Sound and storage.

Nothing screams amateur vlogger than poor audio. So, if you're seeing yourself as a full-fledged video content creator in the future, then a good microphone shouldn't be out of the picture. For an all-around microphone option, it's best to go with a shotgun mic. If you think your content will mostly be interviewing, you should put your money on a wireless or lavalier mic. Vlogging is also best when it's natural, so remember to buy a microphone you can bring anywhere to record content anytime inspiration hits you.

vivo Y76 5G Cosmic Aurora
Cosmic Aurora

Videos and audio files can be a bit memory-heavy, so it's a must for content creators to always carry an external hard drive with them for extra storage. But what if your smartphone can serve this purpose, too? For example, the vivo Y76 5G can keep large files, thanks to its 128GB onboard storage. This is made even better with the smartphone's 8GB RAM with an extended 4GB RAM. This means that you can rest easy knowing that each tap and swipe on the vivo Y76 5G will go by smoothly and seamlessly, which is essential when editing videos and photos for your content.

Speaking of video editing, the vivo Y76 5G comes with a built-in AI editor that automatically beautifies video clips and transforms them into a new reel. With this, you can also easily cut videos, add music, tweak themes, and apply different filters without needing a third-party app.

Be a power hogger.

Travel vlogs are among the most common types of video content. And when traveling, it's a no-brainer to bring a power bank. Hit two birds with one stone by purchasing the kind of power bank that can fuel up most of your devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Trust us, this can be your lifesaver in case you're out and about and your gadgets run out of juice.

When it comes to long-lasting battery, you can rely on the vivo Y76 5G, too. This smartphone runs with a 4,100mAh battery that can last a whole day.

G with 5G!

Content creators need access to fast internet all the time, either for important stuff like online editing or video uploading. Luckily, with the advent of technology, internet connectivity continues to improve, especially with the arrival of 5G. And what makes this scenario better is how value-for-money smartphones are available in the market that also supports 5G.

vivo Y76 5G Connectivity
5G Connectivity

With 5G, the vivo Y76 5G delivers faster data speeds to keep up with your busy digital lifestyle. 5G also paves for lower latency, which means that mobile gaming is smoother and lag-free – beneficial if you're also planning to be a streamer.

The vivo Y76 5G has everything you need to kickstart your vlogging career – high-performing AI-powered triple cameras, a generous 8GB RAM with an additional 4GB extended RAM, 44W flash charge, and a 6.58-inch FHD+ screen – all wrapped up in a sleek, slim, and stylish form. And the best part is there's more to discover about this value-for-money smartphone.

We talked about the vivo Y76 5G in our full review, which you can read here. Among its many amazing features, we especially liked its cameras with its wide range of shooting modes that complement its triple rear camera setup. Photos taken using its cameras carry enough levels and balance between detail clarity and color saturation. Videos are all good, too, as this smartphone supports 720p and 1080p recording at 60fps.

Get flagship-like features for an affordable price with the vivo Y76 5G, which made it more economical for a discounted price of P14,999 (from P16,999). Experience this ultimate vlogger gear now and see for yourself why it's a powerful and valuable entry-level smartphone. The vivo Y76 5G is available in all vivo stores nationwide, vivo's official e-commerce channels, and authorized partner stores.

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