Epson reaffirms its promise to help businesses achieve a more productive, reliable, and environmentally friendly future.

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Epson Philippines reaffirms its promise to help businesses achieve a more productive, reliable, and environmentally friendly future.

The need for more creative solutions to meet the expectations of modern enterprises has grown significantly during the past ten years. Additionally, there is increased pressure on businesses to be accountable, open with customers, and provide more sustainable solutions, underscoring the need for innovation in meeting both market demands and the need to have the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Epson reaffirms its promise to help businesses move toward a more productive, reliable, and environmentally friendly future.
Epson Philippines’ President and Director Masako Kusama, the first female Japanese country manager across Epson’s global operations, welcomes the media attendees of Epson’s Fusion 13 Lite at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

The global technology leader in innovative solutions stirred up excitement at the recently concluded Fusion, the 13th edition of the annual media event hosted by Epson, as it shared its wide range of products and assured that businesses can be one step ahead of the demands of both the present and the future while still being sustainable.

Masako Kusama, the recently appointed president and director of Epson Philippines, welcomed reporters to the first face-to-face Fusion event since 2019 by saying, "Epson strives to be an irreplaceable company." We put a lot of effort into earning people's trust worldwide by upholding our dedication to transparency, client happiness, and sustainability.

According to Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines, "Better Products for a Better Future" is at the core of the company's strong commitment to having the least negative influence on the environment. He continued, "Planning for the future requires a strong commitment toward environmental conservation and protection, which is why we work to develop cutting-edge, dependable, recyclable, and energy-efficient products.

Three significant technologies make up Epson's vast portfolio, which has a long history of innovation: PrecisionCore printhead technology for heat-free printing; 3LCD Liquid Crystal technology for more vivid images; and Force Sensor technology for robotics. Since these technologies are effectively incorporated into everything Epson creates, high performance, adaptability, and efficiency standards are always maintained.

Leading by example, Epson upholds its dedication to sustainability and ethical consumerism.

high-quality business solutions

The fact that Epson is a leader in the printing sector is no secret. As the most popular printer brand in ASEAN, the firm has created a wide range of printer models to meet every consumer's need and business need. Epson can produce output as large as outdoor signage and vehicle wraps or as small as fine art and stickers, depending on the market.

According to Bonoan, "Our printers are engineered to excel in image quality, productivity, and dependability." These are the critical explanations for why Epson is the best-known and most often used brand for printing solutions.

Epson Genuine Inks were meticulously produced per the strictest quality control standards to deliver high-quality prints with consistent and long-lasting brilliance, ensuring that its printers operate at their peak and that no detail is overlooked.

Using Epson Genuine Inks has always made sense, according to Bonoan. Customers and business partners may be confident that they will receive the same consistency and ink yields, down to the last drop, when used in conjunction with our award-winning print heads.

The cornerstone of Epson's technology is sustainability.

Epson has been on the cutting edge of printing technology for almost 40 years. The industry leader is constantly looking for fresh approaches to develop and satisfy the shifting needs of the market.

The company is more committed than ever to building an environmentally sustainable future because of the effective, small, and precise technology utilized in its printers and projectors.

Our inkjet printers reduce the printing process by eliminating the steps that use heat, thanks to Epson's heat-free technology. With effective high-speed printing, we not only cut power consumption but also save time. We can ultimately rely on productivity while still delivering value by minimizing environmental effects and developing a sustainable printing ecology, according to Bonoan.

Additionally, Epson's cutting-edge 3LCD technology enables our laser projectors to provide vivid, true-to-life images with higher color brightness and a wider color gamut, all while consuming less power and, as a result, less energy. Because no mercury is used in the manufacturing process, the product's lifespan avoids the usage and disposal of five lights, significantly decreasing its environmental impact.

"We aim to offer the best of both worlds regarding sustainability," said Kusama. "By focusing on the nuances that can make a world of difference."

Creative answers for the New Normal

The hybrid setup is expected to replace the current norm for most industries as the world continues to reopen. From Epson's Hyflex Solution for educational institutions to computer-aided design (CAD) printers for technical professionals, Epson provides a wide range of solutions to assist customers in adjusting to the post-pandemic environment.

Epson is focused on the finer points of education to encourage learning exploration. Its Hyflex Classroom solution is made to support teaching online and in-person students simultaneously. Epson's visual products are highlighted by the way the classroom is set up: interactive projectors serve as the interactive display for easy annotation and collaboration between teacher and students; document cameras serve as visualizer tools for sharing physical materials that cannot be converted to digital files; entry projectors track online attendees, and multifunction printers print out lessons with annotations from the projector.

Epson also provides collaboration solutions to companies implementing a hybrid work structure going forward. Epson provides a selection of desktop and floor-standing CAD technical printers that are appropriately sized, scaled, and priced for small office use, including multifunction printers with built-in scanners to archive, share, and copy large documents, whether one is working from home or printing out documents to take to a job site.

Flexibility is crucial because hybrid existence is likely to become the new standard, according to Bonoan. "Our extensive suite of products strives to assist our customers in adapting more swiftly without sacrificing productivity and collaboration."

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