Shopee Cares PH Promotes Safe Online Shopping

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Shopee Cares PH Promotes Safe Online Shopping

Because more Filipinos are turning to online shopping for their necessities, there is an increased need to protect them from the rising amount of fraudulent online activities. 53 percent of the more than 1,000 Filipino people surveyed in a Consumer Pulse Survey by TransUnion in February 20221 stated they had been the target of scammers in the preceding three months. According to the same survey, 40% of respondents claimed to have fallen victim to phishing scams, 38% to gift card and money fraud, and 30% to frauds by third parties using online retail stores. While companies in all sectors upgrade their platforms regularly, fraudsters look for new vulnerabilities and ways to adapt to the constantly shifting environment.

Shopee Cares PH Promotes Safe Online Shopping
Shopee Cares PH Promotes Safe Online Shopping

Shopee, the top e-commerce site in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, understands the need to improve user security and protection by informing users of vulnerabilities and how to prevent becoming fraud victims. The objective of the recently launched Shopee Cares PH, an online community platform where Shopee offers customer support and education, is to equip consumers with the necessary knowledge and advice to safeguard themselves against phishing scams, money and gift card scams, and third-party seller scams.

"Shopee has always been devoted to making sure that every Filipino's online shopping experience is safe and dependable, and Shopee Cares is a testament to that," stated Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines. Through this platform, we want to give people the tools they need to purchase safely and fight online fraud collectively, so they can keep enjoying shopping online.

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Users are also invited to utilize Shopee Cares PH to ask for assistance with product-related questions or concerns and to motivate other users with their compelling Shopee finds and experiences. In order to ensure that online shopping is fun with special offers and promotions, sale tips and tactics are also offered.

"As more Filipinos rely on online shopping, we consistently ensure that safeguards are in place to improve their Shopee experience. Yu continued, we want our customers to keep enjoying the advantages of online shopping because it has become a necessary part of their everyday life.

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