GoTyme Bank is here to provide Filipinos with better financial solutions.

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GoTyme Bank is here to provide Filipinos with better financial solutions.

#itsGoTyme as the Gokongwei Group teams up with the Tyme Group, a Singapore-based business, to launch financial products that provide Filipinos with an exceptional banking experience. GoTyme Bank makes financial solutions more readily available to Filipinos by combining high-tech and high-touch techniques. The GoTyme Bank "phygital" idea, which combines secure digital transactions with tangible touchpoints like kiosks and bank ambassadors, will help more Filipinos reach their financial goals.

GoTyme Bank is here to provide Filipinos with better financial solutions.
GoTyme Bank is here to provide Filipinos with better financial solutions.

The acceptance of digital payments has accelerated due to the emergence of digital banks and e-wallets during the past decade and the epidemic. The local market for many financial digital solutions is still relatively untapped, even though many Filipinos are now accustomed to using basic accounts and cashless transactions to access fintech.

Possibility Unlocked

During the opening event held on October 20 in Makati City, Nate Clarke, President and CEO of GoTyme Bank, spoke about how the bank's next-level banking experience will be able to solve gaps in Filipino financial services. Only 3% of Filipinos have access to moderately priced credit, such as a credit card. This suggests that they typically spend between 10 and 20 percent of their monthly income on short-term borrowing needs. Only 3% of Filipinos can buy high-yield assets like stocks and equities, and only 3% have insurance access.

He makes reference to the unmet financial needs of Filipinos. "A lack of access to high-quality financial products prevents millions of educated, employed Filipinos from realizing their full potential. With GoTyme Bank, we are here to assist all Filipinos in reaching their financial goals.

High-Grade Advantages

Albert Tinio, co-CEO, and chief commercial officer of GoTyme Bank, talks about how customers would value having accessible touchpoints. "At GoTyme, we believed that adopting technology did not necessitate giving up our human touch. Being "phygital," or simultaneously electronically and physically present, actually served as our call to action. To always keep the human connection, GoTyme Bank will install kiosks in strategic spots around the Robinsons ecosystem. Because of our excellent customer service, these kiosks will always have a bank ambassador to guide you through the process. By utilizing kiosks, we intend to expand our audience and improve access. Thanks to the kiosk deployment throughout Robinson's malls and retail locations, you can now create an account wherever you go to buy, eat, and relax.

The GoTyme Bank debit card can be used 24/7 at local and international ATMs to make transactions. Robinsons-affiliated retail locations also accept cash deposits and withdrawals without charging a fee. There are now 15 kiosks at a few Robinsons supermarkets, with more locations set to debut in the coming weeks. The GoTyme website will be updated often with information about the locations of all Robinsons supermarkets and department stores.

Three S's: Send, Shop, and Save

The Chief Product Officer, Daniel Stacey, and the Head of Brand Marketing and Growth, Raymund Villanueva, spoke about the benefits of having a GoTyme Bank account. Because they may be used for local and international online and offline transactions, the GoTyme Bank debit cards make sending money, making purchases, and saving money simpler.

With three free transfers every week and free transfers from one GoTyme to another, GoTyme Bank customers may send money fast and securely through the app using Go Send.

With the Go Shop feature, customers may shop more efficiently. The GoTyme debit card, which grants clients three times as many Go Rewards points for each swipe in partner Robinsons stores and one point for all other purchases, is one of the better payment options for the Gokongwei Group. Additionally, these points can be directly converted into cash via their mobile apps.

Interest can be earned with Go Save without having to worry about promotion lengths, minimum balance specifications, or maximum limits. GoTyme Bank also introduced "Save Your Change," which enables you to save by automatically depositing the amount you round up to the nearest 10 or 100 pesos into your Go Save accounts.

The preferable option

Lance Gokongwei, CEO of The Gokongwei Group, outlines how GoTyme Bank aligns with its objectives for the Philippines. "Thanks to GoTyme Bank's mission to unleash every Filipino's financial potential, The Gokongwei Group has yet another fantastic opportunity to realize its purpose, which is a persistent determination to offer our clients with better alternatives, achieving shared success with our stakeholders. We are poised to disrupt the banking industry with our business partner Tyme Group and develop GoTyme Bank as the "better option" that would allow Filipinos more financial independence. At the heart of this momentous achievement is our unwavering commitment to improving the lives of our fellow humans and, eventually, contributing to creating a more prosperous society.

By harnessing the extensive ecosystem of the Gokongwei Group, GoTyme Bank will be able to provide Filipinos with additional access to top-notch financial products. With the bank's digital kiosks, the firm distributes its retail and real estate footprint, which is heavily engrained in Filipinos' daily lives. This democratizes the provision of financial services to satisfy the needs of all Filipinos, regardless of their age, economic level, or geography.

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