Shell Expands Mobility Offerings to Include EV Charging Stations and a Carbon Credit Program

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Shell Expands Mobility Offerings in the Philippines to Include Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and a Carbon Credit Program

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation has launched the country's first Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Carbon Credit Service, as well as Shell Recharge, the company's first high-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging service in the Philippines, and the first of its type in the Philippine expressways.

Shell Expands Mobility Offerings to Include EV Charging Stations and a Carbon Credit Program
Shell Expands Mobility Offerings to Include EV Charging Stations and a Carbon Credit Program

Both programs highlight Pilipinas Shell's commitment to decarbonizing mobility by assisting customers in avoiding, decreasing, and paying for carbon emissions, allowing Shell forecourts to be the preferred mobility destination for motorists.

“Shell is rapidly becoming the Philippines’ leading mobility company, and this launch is a testament to the range of its offer to motorists,” said Istvan Kapitany, Global Executive Vice President for Shell Mobility. “The NBS Carbon Credit Service and Shell’s first EV charger in the country are among the initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and to cater to a growing number of customers whose needs are changing fast.”
“We are making sure that Shell sites will become the go-to place for all customers, whether they drive traditional or electric vehicles, thanks to an integrated offer of fuel, EV charging points, and convenience retail” Kapitany added.

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The introduction of Shell Recharge and Shell NBS Carbon Credit Service is part of Pilipinas Shell's efforts to reduce its carbon impact. Shell will now cater to EV users and assist clients in offsetting transportation emissions that are more difficult to avoid through these new services. Shell Recharge is now accessible in Shell Mamplasan since July, and will gradually expand to more Shell Mobility stations over the coming year. Shell NBS Carbon Credit Service will be offered in 15 locations, including Shell Mamplasan, with a goal of reaching 100 locations by the end of the year.

Pilipinas Shell, in collaboration with its retailers, is taking the lead in energy transition with the opening of the first Shell Recharge station in Shell Mamplasan. It would make charging an EV more convenient and accessible to consumers as the first Shell-branded charger and currently the most powerful DC high-performance fast charger located along Philippine expressways. It includes two EV charging ports with CCS2 connectors, allowing two vehicles to charge at the same time. An average EV vehicle may be recharged to ideal battery charge levels in 30 minutes using a 180kWh charger. This varies according to vehicle type and battery management system.

“By being the first Shell market in Asia to offer this particular service to everyday customers, Pilipinas Shell emphasises its commitment to continue powering progress to achieve a more sustainable future,” pointed out Pilipinas Shell Country Head Lorelie Quiambao-Osial.

Pilipinas Shell will be the first energy company in the Philippines to offer its fleet clients the NBS Carbon Credit Service in 2020. Pilipinas Shell, in collaboration with its retailers, will now make carbon credits available to common people. Customers can choose to compensate for the comparable carbon emissions from their fuel purchase for an extra service cost per liter. Customers' total number of liters purchased with carbon credits is subsequently awarded the corresponding credits from Shell's independently certified global portfolio of Shell NBS afforestation, reforestation, and conservation initiatives. Shell then retires these carbon credits on behalf of the consumer.

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