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Monday, December 19, 2022

LG Unveils All-in-One Cleaning Solution - the LG CordZero Vacuum

LG Unveils All-in-One Cleaning Solution - the LG CordZero Vacuum

Over the past few years, cleaning has never been more essential. Maintaining a clean, organized home and following the proper disinfection procedures are essential for keeping your family healthy and safe. However, simply sweeping is insufficient for Philippine households.

LG Philippines just unveiled the most recent model of their LG CordZero range to meet this need. For Philippine households, the cordless vacuum cleaner offers an all-in-one cleaning option. Genuine rooms were modeled for the launch event to give attendees a sense of how the CordZero works in a real-world setting. The CordZero's various functions were addressed and shown by LG brand ambassadors Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga, LG Emerging Product Manager Alyssa Alipio, and LG Product Trainer Jerome Martinez.

With its all-in-one functionality, the LG CordZero outperforms other cordless vacuum cleaners currently on the market. The CordZero A9 with All-in-One Tower is the first stick vacuum that charges, stores tools, and automatically empties the dust bin—all in one slick docking station—instead of maintaining many components dispersed throughout. Bring the vacuum back to the tower so it can recharge, arrange your tools neatly out of the way, and let Auto Empty empty the dustbin for you. Your floors and hands remain spotless.

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The CordZero makes cleaning easier. Along with reliable, strong suction, clean more, longer, and less often. Compared to comparable vacuum cleaners, Kompressor technology doubles the capacity of the dust bin. The CordZero is also advantageous for hardwood flooring. With just plain tap water, the Power Mop attachment cleans tile, hardwood, or vinyl without using specialized solutions or harsh chemicals. You may adjust the wetness level from High to Low to Off when dry mopping while the two spinning microfiber pads handle the cleaning. Includes two sets of machine-washable pads and a water tank that can be quickly filled and emptied.

Sungjae Kim, the managing director of LG, expressed his delight at the launch of the new CordZero line, adding “It is a great honor for me to introduce another innovation from LG. Ever since, one of LG’s goals is making things simpler and better for all...Our newest product, the CordZero All-in-One Tower, does exactly that."
Jun Lee, the product director for home appliances at LG, is optimistic about the CordZero's potential for local success. “It builds on the strength of today’s technology and improves upon areas that are lacking. It is a true testament to LG’s commitment to technology, innovation, and improving the lives of customers.”

Check out https://www.lg.com/ph/vacuum-cleaners/lg-a9t-ultra to learn more about the LG CordZero. All reputable appliance stores around the country carry LG goods; for a complete list of our retail partners, see ABENSON AND ANSON'S or lg.com/ph. Additionally, you may purchase at LG's authorized flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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