ZTE Announces New G5 Series Servers To Help The Digital Economy

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ZTE Announces New G5 Series Servers To Help The Digital Economy

ZTE Corporation, a prominent global provider of information and communication technology solutions, recently presented the fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor (Sapphire Rapids)-based G5 series servers in Beijing.

ZTE Announces New G5 Series Servers To Help The Digital Economy
ZTE Announces New G5 Series Servers To Help The Digital Economy

ZTE, a company dedicated to expanding the digital economy, unveiled the 5200 G5 high-density server, the R5300 G5 full-scenario universal server, the R5500 G5 mass storage server, the R6500 G5 heterogeneous computing power server, and the R8500 G5 high-performance server.

The latest G5 series servers use liquid cooling to dissipate heat. They have heterogeneous computing power, flexible expansion, high-density computing power, mass storage, stability, and reliability, providing increasingly powerful computer power to the digital economy as it evolves.

Capability for High-Performance, Powerful Computing

ZTE G5-Series Servers feature the newest Intel® Xeon® fourth-generation scalable processors with up to 120 cores in 2 sockets to enable high computing capability. The servers have 32 DDR5 memory slots and a memory bandwidth design with a high memory bandwidth. The highest rate is up to 4800MT/s, and bandwidth efficiency is raised by 50%. The servers enable Intel® OptaneTM persistent memory in the 300 series (Crow Pass). The new PCIe 5.0 supports high hardware acceleration and has a 150% boost in bandwidth.

ZTE's R6500 G5 heterogeneous computing power server includes a built-in 10-20 computing intelligent acceleration engine. It may be flexible to schedule various computing power resources to acquire the most excellent combination of computing power, such as CPU + GPU and CPU + GPU + DPU, to fulfill the demands of diverse computing power circumstances, such as AI and supercomputing.

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Meanwhile, the new G5-series servers offer flexible expansion. The R5300 G5, for example, provides high-speed I/O connections as well as up to 41 2.5" disk positions, or 20 3.5" disk positions and 4 2.5" disk positions. It is developed with software platforms that can be adjusted to meet unique requirements in a variety of application circumstances and modular hardware. Furthermore, the customized R5300 G5 server can be designed to meet a variety of customer requirements and handle various application situations.

Rapid Development for Thousands of Industries' Digitalization

"The processing power scale has also risen greatly in recent years with the rapid development of the digital economy," says Guo Shubo, ZTE's deputy general manager of the Server and Storage product line. ZTE, China's fastest-growing server manufacturer, has deployed server and storage solutions in over 40 countries and regions, serving the communications, Internet, finance, power, government, transportation, and other industries.

According to Mr. Wan Min, President of ZTE Philippines, the new servers will benefit Philippine businesses. "As one of the global leaders in the digital economy, we think that these new servers would aid in and enhance the digital transformation of many Philippine enterprises. Because they are durable, stable, and economical, the powerful G5 servers are an excellent choice for any industry.

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