Acer Swift 14 Review; Quick To Love, Easy To Get Used To

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Acer Swift 14 Review; Quick To Love, Easy To Get Used To


The tech scene once again saw a number of exciting announcements from this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As a regular attendee of the said event – one of the biggest tech gatherings in the world – people expected nothing less from Acer's new lineup. Luckily, the tech giant didn't disappoint with many things, including its new flagship model, the Acer Swift 14.

Acer Swift 14 Review; Quick To Love, Easy To Get Used To
Acer Swift 14 Review; Quick To Love, Easy To Get Used To

Will the new Acer Swift 14 make you change your mind quickly and go for a laptop upgrade? Read our review and learn what we think about it.


Undoubtedly, laptops under Acer's swift line are among the prettiest ones in the market. Acer did a great job in dressing the Acer Swift 14 in an aesthetically pleasing and business-looking design. The Acer Swift 14's design is even emphasized with two colors that are not commonly seen on laptops – Mist Green and Steam Blue. Covering the body of the Acer Swift 14 is a beautiful unibody chassis in aerospace-grade aluminum.

Acer Swift 14 Steam Blue Colorway
Steam Blue Colorway

Long story short, the Acer Swift 14 is gorgeous. It's the kind of laptop that you'd want to flaunt in public, and it helps that it's also slim and lightweight. The Acer Swift 14 is only 14.95mm thin and weighs 1.2 kilograms.

Acer Swift 14 Keyboard and OceanGlass Touchpad
Keyboard and OceanGlass Touchpad

Another nice touch about the design of the Acer Swift is its OceanGlass touchpad, a glass-like panel that Acer said is made from plastic wastes that would otherwise be dumped in the ocean. The touchpad is smooth and easy to glide your fingers on, making tasks more accessible to be done even if you don't carry around a portable mouse with you all the time.

Acer Swift 14 Exhaust and Speaker Grilles
Exhaust and Speaker Grilles

Unlike other laptops, the Acer Swift is also designed to carry a beauty that doesn't fade over time. Acer equipped the laptop with double anodized sides that serve as protection from corrosion and wear.

Also, a nice detail about the Acer Swift is how its edges are in a metallic color that's different from the entirety of its body for highlighting. Plus, unlike other laptops, the Acer branding sits on the top part of the back panel of the Acer Swift 14 – elegantly subtle in a gold plate.

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Since the Acer Swift 14 SF14-71T-791Y is a flagship laptop, it's fitting for it to have a touch display. Its screen shines in a 2560 x 1600 resolution, 2.5k touch display with Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass for added protection. It's also almost bezel-less with its slim bezels and 16:10 aspect ratio.

Acer Swift 14 Touch Display
Touch Display

Acer Swift 14's screen is indeed one of its strongest suits. Its touchscreen performs well and is amazingly responsive. Plus, the colors its display produces is stunningly vivid, almost similar to that of high-end television.

Acer Swift 14 Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
Acer Swift 14 Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

It's also a plus point that the Acer Swift 14 has good screen quality, primarily because Acer seemingly intended the laptop for outstanding video calling. The Acer Swift 14 has a 1440p QHD camera equipped with the brand's Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) technology and Acer PurifiedVoice with AI Noise Reduction. These features work together to deliver awesome video and voice quality during calls.

If there's anything we'd like to comment on about the screen of the Acer Swift 14, it's that the brand could've opted to include an OLED option rather than limiting the choices to WQXGA or WUXGA.

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If you're looking to be a master of multitasking, you can count on the Acer Swift 14 to keep up with your daily tasks without a stutter. This laptop comes with a 13th Gen Intel Core H-Series processor with up to 14 cores. Even if you use the Acer Swift 14 for demanding tasks for most hours of the day, trust that it will smoothly deliver. The Acer Swift 14 SF14-71T-791Y is also Intel Evo-certified. This distinction is given to thin and light laptops that bring great performance.

Acer Swift 14 2x USB-C, HDMI, USB-A Ports
2x USB-C, HDMI, USB-A Ports

The Acer Swift 14 is also made to work stealthily, thanks to Acer's TwinAir dual-fan system. Plus, this laptop comes with dual D6 copper heat pipes and an air-inlet keyboard that blows away heat. We vouch for this feature as we used the Acer Swift 14 as our primary work machine for a few days, and it didn't once overheat.

Acer Swift 14 3.5mm jack, USB-A, Indicators, Kensington Lock
3.5mm jack, USB-A, Indicators, Kensington Lock

This flagship laptop from Acer is also durable not only on the outside, but also in terms of battery longevity. On a single charge, the Acer Swift 14 can power through around 10 hours. That's more than enough for a full day of loaded tasks.

Acer Swift 14 Specs
Acer Swift 14 Specifications

Despite its slim build, the Acer Swift 14 is also rich in ports. It comes with two USB Type C Thunderbolt 4 USB 4, HDMI 2.1, and WiFi 6E. These make connecting the laptop to an extension screen and other devices easy.

Speaking of easy connectivity, the Acer Swift 14 also promotes seamless PC and phone integration through the Intel Unison feature. This particular highlight is easy to set up, and we appreciate how it allowed us to smoothly transfer files from a connected smartphone to the Acer Swift 14 and vice versa. Plus, with this feature on, notifications, calls, and text messages on a smartphone were also viewable on the Acer Swift 14.


Acer Swift 14 Philippines
Acer Swift 14

Beauty, portability, and versatility – these are the main highlights of the Acer Swift 14 if we're to summarize them. Given that it's a flagship offering with competitive features, it's rightfully priced for the higher market segments. The Acer Swift 14 is the kind of investment that one wouldn't regret shelling out money for.

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