Lenovo and AMD collaborate to provide portable workstations for maximum productivity

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Lenovo and AMD collaborate to provide portable workstations for maximum productivity.

Because the new hybrid work environment is here to stay, organizations and employees undergo the Intelligent Transformation wave to boost productivity and cooperation. Lenovo has teamed with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) as a key participant in the world of technology to provide consumers with the best and most relevant tools to ride the transformation. Lenovo's cutting-edge innovations, such as the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1, ThinkPad Z16 and Z13 Gen 1, and Think Book 15 Gen 5, will be introduced to audiences in the Philippines today. These mobile workstations boost client involvement and happiness while also being extremely effective.

Lenovo and AMD collaborate to provide portable workstations for maximum productivity
Lenovo and AMD collaborate to provide portable workstations for maximum productivity.

"Lenovo's DNA is infused with innovation, from design and development through engineering and supply chain. According to Ferdie Fetros, Product Lead for Lenovo Philippines' ThinkPad and ThinkBook, "Lenovo will continue to push the envelope, make adjustments, and collaborate with close partners like AMD to deliver innovative and more secure products that are designed to meet current and future customer needs.

Real strength meets true liberty.

The ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 provides mobile professionals a good blend of power and performance. The workstation, powered by an AMD RyzenTM Pro CPU, is ISV-certified and ideal for demanding applications such as AutoCAD®, Revit®, SolidWorks®, and others. It also provides dependability and lifespan with the ThinkShield security suite and MIL-SPEC testing that highly mobile power users require. Among the machine's improved usability features are a fingerprint scanner, a full numeric keypad, a larger touchpad, and an all-day battery. These innovations reimagine the portable powerhouse notion by delivering the highest level of performance while in motion. Buy for just Php57,999.

Beautiful new designs that consider environmental factors

The new ThinkPad Z13 and ThinkPad Z16 employ more environmentally friendly components, including recycled aluminum and recycled black vegan leather. The packaging is made of bamboo and sugarcane, both of which are 100% recyclable and compostable, while the AC power converter is made of 90% post-consumer material (PCC). Lenovo and AMD have also collaborated to develop a cutting-edge platform design that streamlines every system component, including silicon, hardware, and software.

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Experience on a higher level, exceptional power
The ThinkPad Z16 Gen 1 is constructed with environmentally friendly materials with the most modern AMD technology. It is aimed at a different group of business users who produce content as the workplace evolves. The new AMD RadeonTM RX 6500M discrete graphics with AMD intelligent technologies can be added to the ThinkPad Z16 to boost productivity and support advanced content production and casual gaming. Off-list, this powerhouse is presently available for Php105,999. Because of the workstation's vast array of end-to-end services that support and preserve consumers' investments, the user may focus on the task at hand rather than IT. Not to mention that this laptop boasts cutting-edge security features that utilize AMD technology to protect the contents.

Consumers can multitask as much as they like.

When combined with the quickness of Windows 11 Pro, tasks are performed fast on the ThinkPad Z13 Gen 1, which has an SRP starting at SRP Php74,999. When combined with the AMD RyzenTM 7 PRO 6860Z processor, the laptop provides an excellent collaboration experience. The processor is customized in programs like Teams and Zoom to give seamless audio and video performance, optimal responsiveness, and incredible battery life. So don't be concerned about listening to music while checking email, switching between apps, or having a plethora of tabs open. The new ThinkPad Z13 employs the most advanced AMD technology and a modern design idea to target a certain category of exceedingly mobile business users.

Make professional video calls.

The ThinkBook 15 Gen 5's AMD RyzenTM 5000 Series Mobile Processors with RadeonTM Graphics allow users to easily work on demanding apps. The laptop's AI features help to keep teleconferences quiet and productive by reducing background noise. Clients have several options for tailoring the conference audio to their own needs. The optional Versa Bay drawer on the laptop chassis stores and charges a pair of headphones. It can handle all computing needs for SRP Php30,999.

Lenovo hopes to amaze end consumers and deliver on its promise of an outstanding experience with a distinctive look and feel constructed from recyclable materials. It also hopes to reassure IT departments by providing enterprise-level performance, security, dependability, and management. Lenovo and AMD have collaborated to develop the best workstations, allowing customers to boost productivity and engagement while remaining protected from sophisticated attacks now and in the future. To discover more, go to https://www.lenovo.com/ph/en/.

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