Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Review; Stylish and Functional

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Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Review; Stylish and Functional

No matter what phase of technological advancement we are in, powerbanks will never not be part of the essentials. It's a smart move to have one with you always, even if you're pretty confident that your smartphone with as much as 5,000mAh to 6,000mAh battery won't die down on you in the middle of a busy day.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Review; Stylish and Functional
Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Review; Stylish and Functional

Before, a powerbank with a huge battery meant that it came with a bulky build. Fortunately, smaller ones with power that can recharge your devices to 100% on a single charge are now available in the market – and they come in cute designs too. Enter: Zendure SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Front

The most exciting thing about the Zendure SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank is its design. It might've been mistaken by some as an instant camera or a small film/digital camera because it looks like one. It comes in Galaxy Black, Space Silver, and Gradient Orange. The black and orange ones have bronze hoops where you can attach straps for easy carrying.

It's clever how this powerbank adapted a camera design to also emphasize wireless magnetic charging. The large circular part similar to a camera lens on the Zendure SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank is actually a dock for wireless charging that works well with compatible smartphones, including MagSafe-powered iPhones.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Back

With a magnetic charging dock, the Zendure SuperMini GO 20W allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

The shutter button on top of this camera-designed powerbank is dedicated to switching the device on and off. At the same time, the part where a camera viewfinder is supposed to be has a small LCD screen that indicates the battery level.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Ports

For ports, it carries USB-A and USB-C. Its package comes with a free USB-C to USB-C charging cable, plus stickers and a silicone strap.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Retail Package
Retail Package

This powerbank also doesn't feel too bulky at all. It only weighs 224 grams and measures 95mm x 28mm x 67mm – similar to other power banks available but a whole lot cuter.

You can use its 10,000mAh juice to charge a variety of devices apart from smartphones, including tablets and even wearables. According to Zendure, they designed the SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank suitable even for low-power gadgets like smartwatches and wireless earbuds through its X-Charge Mode.

To enable X-Charge mode, press the 'shutter' button twice. A status light will show to indicate that the said feature has been enabled.

Zendure claims that with a superfast 20W power delivery, the SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank supports quick charging and can provide up to 50% additional battery level on an iPhone 13 Pro within 30 minutes.

Apart from the function and aesthetics, Zendure also focused on safety with the SuperMini GO 20W Powerbank. It comes with all sorts of protection against overcurrent, overpower, overvoltage, over-discharge, overcharge overheat, and short-circuit.

Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank Philippines
Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank

Are you already convinced to have the Zendure SuperMini GO Powerbank in your arsenal of tech must-haves? Get yours now for Php3,790 from Beyond the Box.

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