Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station Quick Review; Power For All (Literally)

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Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station Quick Review; Power For All (Literally)


Have you ever had an unpleasant experience where your electronic devices ran out of power during an important situation? Sure, a powerbank with up to 20,000mAh can quickly solve this dilemma but what if you're on an out-of-town vacation and in need of a portable power station? Fret not because here's an all-for-one solution for you: the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station. Read on to find out more about this must-have investment.

Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station Quick Review; Power For All (Literally)
Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station Quick Review; Power For All (Literally)


When someone hears the word power station, the most common concern that comes to mind is about how bulky the device will be. Thankfully, with the Bluetti AC50s, this isn't a problem at all. While it's relatively heavy at 6.2 kilograms, this power station is portable enough to be carried around during week-long off-the-grid road trips or around the house in case of a power outage. Plus, for a portable power station with lots to offer, Bluetti did a good job of squeezing all of the essential components in a 6.2 kg heavy form factor.

The Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station's dimensions are 16.5 inches x 11 inches x 15.2 inches. In actuality, it can be placed on a standard coffee table. For scale, its height is almost the same as an opened 13-inch MacBook Air 2020.

This portable power station comes in three colors accentuated on its corners. These rubberized colored corner covers also serve as a bumper to protect the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station from the impact when you have to put it down. There's blue, orange, and gray. The majority of its body is covered in a black matte finish. It looks and feels durable enough to last years of usage. Each purchase of the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station also has a standard 24 months warranty.

Alongside the ports of the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station is an LED display that indicates the battery level. It's helpful to gauge how much power is left but we'd appreciate it more if it's more precise in showing the exact battery level.


Among the many plus points about the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station is its plethora of ports. It has one power delivery (PD) 45W USB-C port where you can charge your USB-C devices and four USB-A ports which you can use alternatively to fuel up devices as well. Other ports include two AC outlets, two 12V/3A ports, and one regulated DC 12V/10A car output. Plus, this portable charging station even has a 10W wireless charging pad! And since it's mostly designed as a backup for situations like a power outage, this device comes with an LED lighting panel.

To give you more sense of the wonders these ports can do, the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station allows you to charge not one, not two, not three – but 11 devices simultaneously. We're talking about mobile phones, laptops, cameras, drones, projectors, Bluetooth speakers, and more. We've tried using it to charge some of our devices and while it isn't exactly fast-charging, it does the job.

The next question on your mind right now might be about how long does it take to fully recharge the Bluetti AC50s. Using the wall and car chargers included in its package, you'll have to wait for around 7-8 hours for the 500Wh battery of this portable power station to be fully fueled to a hundred percent. It might seem like a long wait but you have to keep in mind that what you're recharging is a power station with a generous amount of power that can recharge 11 devices at the same time and for multiple cycles.

Take note that with the 500Wh battery of the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station, you can charge a laptop up to seven or eight times or a smartphone up to around 50 times – and that's on a single charge.

Another good thing about the Bluetti AC50s Portable Power Station is that it can also be recharged using solar panels. Bluetti said that for this, the wait time is around 6 hours. You can also recharge this portable power station while you're driving. Just plug it into your car and it'll take around four hours when charged via a 24V car battery.


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