Symph Celebrates Successful #SymphAI30x30 Media Party, Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Apps

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Symph Celebrates Successful #SymphAI30x30 Media Party, Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Apps

Symph, a dynamic software development consulting firm in the Philippines, hosted its highly anticipated #SymphAI30x30 Media Party in BGC, Manila, last May 23, 2023. Following a successful press conference in Cebu, this spectacular event marked a critical milestone in Symph's dedication to empowering citizens and developing a broader understanding of AI's role in society. The company expresses its heartfelt appreciation to the media representatives who actively participated in educating the public about the impact of AI and addressing potential challenges.

Symph Celebrates Successful #SymphAI30x30 Media Party, Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Apps
Symph Celebrates Successful #SymphAI30x30 Media Party, Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Apps

The event featured a variety of AI apps produced by Symph's brilliant team in Manila, which was attended by respected media professionals. During the event, Symph's Chief Operating Officer Jarrhey dela Pea underlined the theme "Build Openly with AI" and emphasized the company's collaborative approach to app development. "We publish our AI apps as works-in-progress and invite the community to test them and provide feedback." "We are building the future we want to see together," dela Pea said.

Grognak, one of the featured AI apps, was introduced by Edson Carreon, a Symph full-stack developer. Grognak is an AI Caveman app that simplifies complex topics for greater comprehension, making it perfect for museums, technology events, and science-related activities. The software provides a pleasant and accessible learning experience, particularly for children.

Ragan Lamoc, another Symph full-stack engineer, demonstrated Fitplanr, an AI-powered personal trainer software that provides customized gym routines. Fitplanr, by seamlessly integrating with gyms and exercise facilities, enables both novices and seasoned gym-goers to confidently begin their activities.

Jarrhey dela Pea also demonstrated Prompeteer, an AI software created by Michael Suarez, Symph's AI and Fullstack engineer based in Cebu. Dela Pea highlighted how the software enables users to construct AI-powered chatbots without having to write any code. Participants in the media were able to design their own AI apps using Prompeteer, gaining personal experience with the potential for businesses to present their brand persona through engaging interactions and assisting customers in making educated purchase decisions.

Symph is excited to keep enthralling audiences with upcoming AI events and initiatives. The organization remains committed to redefining the AI environment, exploring new horizons, and pushing technological achievements to new heights. Symph welcomes everyone to join them on this exciting journey, promising inspiration and wonder with their constant dedication to #BuildOpenlyWithAI.

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