Paytaca Raises Php24.5M in Seed Funding to Propel Bitcoin Cash in Payment Sector

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Paytaca Raises Php24.5M in Seed Funding to Propel Bitcoin Cash in the Payment Sector

Paytaca, a cryptocurrency pioneer, has triumphantly completed its seed funding round, garnering $450,000 (roughly Php24.5M) from prestigious worldwide angel investors. The company intends to revolutionize the payment industry by promoting the widespread adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), providing a seamless, cost-effective peer-to-peer payment experience. This comes on the heels of two successful pre-seed investment initiatives the previous year.

Paytaca Raises Php24.5M in Seed Funding to Propel Bitcoin Cash in Payment Sector
Paytaca Raises Php24.5M in Seed Funding to Propel Bitcoin Cash in the Payment Sector

Dr. Joemar Taganna (CEO), Aaron JP Almadro (Marketing Director), and Michael Machica (CFO) founded the company. Paytaca has achieved significant progress by concentrating on a single cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, rather than combining numerous cryptocurrencies, as many competitors do. The strategic selection of BCH was prompted by its exceptional speed, cost-effectiveness, programmability, and global payment acceptance.

"Paytaca is dedicated to creating a payment ecosystem that enables individual financial independence through cryptocurrency use and translates its benefits into significant cost savings for users." "By putting Bitcoin Cash at the heart of our super wallet app, we're offering incentives that encourage wider adoption," said Paytaca CEO Joemar Taganna.

The seed fundraising round was supported by prominent cryptocurrency angel investors such as Molecular, Mike Komaransky, Renegade D, and Toorik. The infusion of funds will hasten the developing and distribution of critical features, extend Paytaca's user base, and establish a robust merchant network, initially in the Philippines and other BCH-adopted regions.

Paytaca's comprehensive, feature-rich BCH wallet app has already surpassed important milestones, with over 10,000 downloads and 2,000 active users across Android, Chrome extension, and iOS beta programs combined.

Paytaca, unlike traditional wallet companies, is committed to developing various innovative services within its BCH-focused super wallet apps, such as an online marketplace and delivery services for subscribed merchants and peer-to-peer exchange with minimal to virtually no service fees.

"In general, Filipinos regard cryptocurrency as purely for trading." They buy it, hold it, and hope it appreciates in value. Paytaca's goal is to change that by making cryptocurrencies usable. Even little purchases, such as coffee or a doughnut, can now be made with cryptocurrency using the Paytaca wallet. Tacloban City alone has roughly a dozen merchants. We will be able to bring on more merchants and entice more consumers to utilize BCH through Paytaca as a result of the successful seed fundraising," Marketing Director Aaron JP Almadro said.

The global BCH community has recognized Paytaca's commitment to its objective. "Paytaca's dedication to making cryptocurrencies accessible and affordable is completely consistent with our investment philosophy." "We are thrilled to be able to support their vision of a more equitable and free society," said Molecular, a Paytaca investor.

Paytaca Information:

Paytaca is a forward-thinking startup focused on increasing the adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the payment sector. Paytaca's BCH-focused super wallet app is ready to transform the peer-to-peer payment experience by focusing on a single cryptocurrency and providing cost savings to consumers. With its feature-rich BCH wallet, the company has already earned its name in the market, backed by visionary angel investors.

Visit for more information on Paytaca and its groundbreaking BCH-focused super wallet app.

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