foodpanda and TabSquare Empower Restaurants with AI-Driven Solutions

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foodpanda and TabSquare Empower Restaurants with AI-Driven Solutions

With their AI-powered in-restaurant solutions, online food and shopping platform foodpanda and software startup TabSquare are ready to disrupt the restaurant business in a historic cooperation.

foodpanda and TabSquare Empower Restaurants with AI-Driven Solutions
foodpanda and TabSquare Empower Restaurants with AI-Driven Solutions

This forward-thinking alliance spans Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, with the goal of digitizing ordering, payment, and customer engagement procedures for restaurant partners.

The collaboration was unveiled during foodpanda's latest partner vendor summit in the Philippines, "CRAVE: Creating Relationships and Advancing Vendor Experiences." The event proved TabSquare's convenience, smooth operations, and efficiency to partner vendors.

The Smart QR solution from TabSquare enables foodpanda's vendor partners to automate operations such as order processing and payments, increasing profitability while decreasing staff workload. "Digital menus via QR codes allow customers to order and pay effortlessly on TabSquare's platform, enhancing the dining experience and providing efficient solutions for our partner vendors," stated Luis Antonio Yanga, Commercial Director of foodpanda Philippines.

The collaboration promises mutual benefits for both diners and establishments. By combining data and predictive technologies, restaurant partners may increase customer engagement and retention. The metrics provided by TabSquare are extremely useful in improving menu items, pricing, and promotions. Digital menus reduce human mistakes, save money on reprints, and reduce worker turnover.

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Restaurants who use this digital solution report up to a 10% increase in bill size, a 50% reduction in personnel costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Furthermore, after joining the platform, restaurants on foodpanda have seen an average 10% increase in business success.

TabSquare believes that the industry's shift toward digital solutions will increase the desirability of their services. "With foodpanda, we will introduce novel features." "With TabSquare, restaurants can now promote themselves to foodpanda's large customer base and attract new customers," said Anshul Gupta, co-founder of TabSquare.

Responding to the increased demand for QR Code payments, foodpanda incorporated TabSquare's upgraded QR Code scanning procedure for dine-in orders as part of its pandapro membership program. QR Code transactions in the country totaled P 32.7 billion in Q1 2023 alone.

Dine-in is now available to all Foodpanda app users in Cebu, along with new features such as in-app payment. The "Redeem & Pay" function allows users to pay straight through the app, which speeds up the process and improves the eating experience.

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