Maya Revolutionizes Savings with Groundbreaking Time Deposit Product

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Maya Revolutionizes Savings with Groundbreaking Time Deposit Product

Maya, the best digital bank app in the Philippines, is happy to introduce Maya Time Deposit Plus, a new way to save money that gives you the most flexibility and high returns. This one-of-a-kind product is about to change the way people save money. It's great for people who want to save money slowly or manage their funds more efficiently.

Setting up a Maya Time Deposit Plus account on January 5 will allow people to change how they save money. This product differs from regular time deposits because it lets users set a savings goal, start with any amount, and pick a term that works with their financial goals.

Customers of Maya Time Deposit Plus can slowly increase their savings while also earning big rewards, with interest rates that can reach 6% per year. Customers can have up to five Time Deposit Plus accounts, and each one can hold up to PHP1 million. Every month, interest is automatically added to the customers' accounts, which is very convenient.

Maya Time Deposit Plus is the first product on the market that lets customers set savings goals and plan how they will reach them. The product works for everyone, whether they have a lot of money to save or are building it up little by little.

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The terms are three months at 5.50% p.a., six months at 6.00%, or twelve months at 5.75%. Customers can pick the time that works best for them. Maya Time Deposit Plus is even more flexible because you can cancel it at any time, giving you quick access to your money when you need it.

It is easy to add money to your Maya Time Deposit Plus account. You can do it for free from your Maya Wallet or through other services like InstaPay or PESONet.

In a very different move, Maya adds an exciting tool to keep users motivated: badges. With these stickers, you can see your progress in the Time Deposit Plus program and be encouraged to keep going. They also make saving fun.

"Maya is committed to improving the financial health of Filipinos." Our digital bank app does everything for you, making it easier and more satisfying to build wealth. Shailesh Baidwan, President of Maya Group, says, "The Maya Time Deposit Plus is our newest product. It's meant to make financial growth easier to get and more powerful for everyone."

In addition to saving money, Time Deposit Plus is part of a bigger system that is meant to help people get richer. As users earn money, they can reinvest it in a variety of financial services, such as Maya Funds, Stocks, and Crypto, or use the app to make daily trades.

Furthermore, using the app regularly can improve users' financial situations, which could lead to more borrowing possibilities.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas oversees Maya's Time Deposit Plus, which is a safe and reliable way to save money. It has strong security measures and is backed by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), which insures deposits up to PHP500,000.

Are you ready to change how you save? Visit and to learn more about Maya. Follow @mayaiseverything on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to discover what's new with Maya.

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