Enstack Champions Entrepreneurs with AI-Enhanced "Magic" Update

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Enstack Champions Entrepreneurs with AI-Enhanced "Magic" Update

Enstack Magic has been released. Enstack is a revolutionary AI-powered mobile app that can turn anyone into a business. This update to its store maker and business management tool uses AI to make setting up an online store easier than ever. This will help entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses without the problems that usually get in the way.

Enstack Champions Entrepreneurs with AI-Enhanced "Magic" Update
Enstack Champions Entrepreneurs with AI-Enhanced "Magic" Update

Since its release in 2022, over 100,000 people have joined the Enstack group and used the app's flexible features to make running their businesses easier. People who use Enstack have found that they can dream bigger, build better, and live richer lives with just three easy steps. This is true whether they are a niche skincare brand or a bed & breakfast in Siargao. As Enstack Magic continues to be used in 2024, more and more people who want to be businesspeople will be able to start their own businesses.

Enstack is still dedicated to providing advanced business tools that are integrated with AI capabilities, even though AI is becoming more common and the business world is changing quickly. Users who want to take charge of their working lives and make something new should use these tools. The release of Enstack Magic is a big step forward. It uses AI to help users change how they run their businesses, do marketing, and handle everything in the modern digital economy.

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Macy Castillo, CEO of Enstack, talks about how AI is changing the way people start businesses. She says, "The scary complexity of setting up a business can often discourage many aspiring entrepreneurs." Enstack Magic uses AI to make this process easier, which gets rid of the problems of money, time, and technology that get in the way of businesses reaching their full potential. As our name suggests, Enstack is an all-in-one tool that makes running an online business easier and encourages people to be entrepreneurs. With Enstack, the only thing that stops you from starting your own business is your imagination. Now is a significant time for Enstack and all the entrepreneurs we help. Castillo's comment shows that the company is totally dedicated to changing the way it helps entrepreneurs.

The big update adds a lot of useful new tools to the Enstack app, such as:

  • Generative Image AI: Lets users make their own designs and improve the look of products, which helps their brand stand out in the digital market.
  • Generative Text Capabilities: This feature automatically writes interesting shop and product descriptions, which lets business owners open and update their online stores quickly and improve their search engine visibility.
  • Automatic Chat Store: This early access tool lets some merchants turn live chats into checkouts by using the same inventory as the Enstack Web Store and Cashier. It lets you manage orders without having to do anything through the Enstack app, which is perfect for Filipinos who like to shop through chat.
  • AI Shop Assistant is a new tool that will soon be available that will change the way businesses are managed by letting them track orders, remind them to be fulfilled, follow up on payments, and more. This helper will also be able to make custom reports and work with CRM, making it an extremely useful tool for running a business smoothly.

Enstack combines AI-powered solutions with personalized help from its Experience Team. It lets sellers get help from real people to help them succeed. This one-of-a-kind mix of AI-powered solutions and personal coaching ensures users get the help they need to succeed. Enstack is still the leader in innovation and is committed to building a community that supports businesses. Last year, the company put on a lot of significant community events, partnerships, and workshops. This year, they plan to keep these going, improving their services even more and helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem grow.

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