Haier Philippines Debuts Groundbreaking Split Type Inverter UV Cool Connect Pro

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Haier UV Cool Connect Pro, Groundbreaking Split Type Inverter Air Conditioners Debut in the Philippines

Haier Philippines, a leader in smart home solutions, unveils today the UV Cool Connect Pro series, their latest Split Type Deluxe Inverter air conditioning line. This cutting-edge air conditioner series, which comes in four capacities, specifically 1.0HP. 1.5HP, 2.0HP and 2.5HP, is set to revolutionize comfort, efficiency, and health benefits. This newest product shows Haier's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Haier Philippines Debuts Groundbreaking Split Type Inverter UV Cool Connect Pro
Haier Philippines Debuts Groundbreaking Split Type Inverter UV Cool Connect Pro

The Haier UV Cool Connect Pro series features Smart Control, which lets users control their air units from afar using Wi-Fi, making things easier and giving them more options. The series also has UVC Sterilization, with UV lights built into every unit to kill viruses in the air. This ensures a steady flow of safe, clean, and fresh air.

The UV Cool Connect Pro uses DC Inverter Technology to save up to 63% of energy compared to regular units that don't use inverters. This makes it a smart choice for saving money and the environment. The series also has Self-Clean Technology, an automatic cleaning process that cleans the inside of the unit 99.9% of the time, getting rid of dirt and keeping it from breaking down.

With the lasting Hyper PCB feature, this Haier A/C line has a strong circuit board that doesn't rust or get damaged by water or bugs easily. Moreover, the eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant also uses the newest technology in refrigerants, which makes them work better and have less of an effect on the earth.

Haier backs the UV Cool Connect Pro with long warranties: one year for parts and labor, three years for the outdoor PCB, and ten years for the compressor. This shows that they are confident the product is good quality and will last.

The start couldn't have come at a better time, as there is an urgent need for effective and reliable cooling solutions, especially in schools in hotter areas where the lack of air conditioning makes it hard for students to concentrate and learn.

Haier Philippines CEO Mr. Yan Xuhong was excited about the new series and said, "The UV Cool Connect Pro shows our commitment to innovation and meeting our customers' changing needs." Not only does this series work better and be more convenient, it also helps make the world a healthier place. We think this series will have a big effect, especially in places where high heat is a problem.

Mr. Francis Serrato, Director of Air Conditioner Business Unit, Haier Philippines, talked about the benefits of the product: "The UV Cool Connect Pro has many benefits." Customers can save a lot of money on energy, be more comfortable, and get a lot more at a reasonable price with self-cleaning technology, the Haismart app, inverter plus, eco mode, triple airflow, and turbo mode.

The UV Cool Connect Pro can now be bought at the closest places that sell home appliances and air conditioners for as little as Php39,495 (SRP). The item can be bought online from Haier's main stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Haier's UV Cool Deluxe Series is going to change the way air conditioning is made, with options that meet the needs of current consumers and the needs of the environment.

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