Philippine Contact Center Firms Thrive in Digital Age with Decreasing Attrition Rates

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Philippine Contact Center Firms Flourish in Digital Age Amid Declining Attrition Rates

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) says that the number of people leaving local call centers has been steadily going down. The annual Attrition and Retention Survey from the CCAP, which includes 145 member companies, shows that the voluntary attrition rate will drop from 36% in 2021 to 31% in 2022, which is a good sign.

Philippine Contact Center Firms Thrive in Digital Age with Decreasing Attrition Rates
Philippine Contact Center Firms Thrive in Digital Age with Decreasing Attrition Rates

Willis Towers Watson, a company that provides data solutions, did the poll and found that the rate of involuntary attrition in 2022 was 14.1%. 9.9 percent of the agents took time off without permission, and only 1.9 percent of newly hired agents didn't show up for their first day of work. In 2022, the rate of both chosen and involuntary turnover was 45%.

There has always been a lot of staff turnover in the Philippine call center industry. Between 60 and 70% of agents left their jobs until 2016. The turnover rate started to drop below 50%, which was a good sign, and early data for the first half of 2023 shows that it will continue to drop.

President of CCAP Mickey Ocampo said, "CCAP member firms are always putting money into making the workplace more flexible for the digital age." "Survey data shows our efforts to re-skill and up-skill our workforce are positively impacting the changing landscape."

Contact Center Association of the Philippines Anticipates Ongoing Growth Amid Challenges

69 percent of employees who quit said they did so for "better pay opportunities," and 68 percent said they did so for "better growth opportunities." 46% of those who answered said it was because of their health.

Sixty-four percent of agents plan to move to other jobs in the Shared Services and Outsourcing field after they quit, while 27 percent want to leave the IT-Business Process Management industry.

When it comes to work preferences, a large majority (78%) of agents in CCAP-member companies like a hybrid work style. Surprisingly, 47% would rather work on-site, which is more than the 41% who would rather work from home.

The CCAP has also finished the Philippine Skills Framework (PSF) for the Contact Center and Business Process sectors. This is a guide for schools to make sure that their courses prepare students best for jobs in these fields.

Along with this, the CCAP works with the School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (AIM-SEEL) at the Asian Institute of Management to provide leadership training for managers and team leaders.

This event is being held by CCAP from July 24th to July 26th, 2024, at the Fili Hotel Nustar Cebu in Cebu City. If you want to find out more, you can go. You can call the CCAP Secretariat Office at +63 2 8843 0603 or go to the meeting website at to ask questions.

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